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Checkout This Viral Photo Of Man Who Prostrated To Propose To His Girlfriend


We have seen some very cute, unusual and risky proposals, but this is unique for being romantic, unusual and downright hilarious.

On Monday night, the picture of a man who damned tradition and chose to prostrate to his girlfriend when he asked to marry him, went viral after the sister of the bride-to-be (@titithegawd) shared the shot on her Instagram page.

And as with everything else, Nigerian have weighed in on the ‘shocking’ proposal with equal parts admiration and condemnation as to the actions of this full-grown man lying face-down on the ground to seek the hand of his beloved in marriage.

Peep the gorgeous ring.

While many saw the gesture as hilarious, romantic, unusual and definitely ‘extra,’ with many ladies urging their men to take a cue from the guy, others could not fathom it and went as far as blaming his action on the very potent work of ‘juju.’

Read some comments below:

After the many comments the picture garnered, the groom himself had to jump on the comment section. Thanking all the well wishers who have sent congratulatory messages his way since the picture went viral. He noted that people who disagree with his style of proposal are allowed to and if given a choice, he would do it all over again.