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5 Nigerian Celebrities Who Have Bad & Wierd Dressing Habits – With PHOTOS!


First we have to begin by acknowledging that fashion is unique and more of a perspective thing. It is good to stand out at events with unique fashion styles, but some of our celebrities overdo it and definitely need stylists to help them with their fashion choices.

This list isn’t made to condemn any celebrity but chastise them to dress better or more conventional when they step out.

1. Kcee


Five star music artist, Kcee is a self acclaimed ‘Fashion Icon’ but a lot of his fans would disagree with him on that.

The artist who is fond of being too colorful has find his way to several arguments of the worst dressed Nigerian celebrities ever.

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  1. Emeka Ike is already handsome and there id no need to have a stylist. And each and every dress he can put on it fits him. And other they do try different styles of dressing and the ways of looking and at the end the don’t look present because their natural has changed. Let EMEKA to like that. Keep that bro I admire YOU IKE

  2. You guys no try for kcee and emeka…given,their dress sense leaves much to be desired,especially emeka…but that doesn’t mean you should lump them up with psychiatric cases!


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