Editorials Checkout The Craziest Cars Owned By Your Favorite Nigerian Musicians. (Photos)

Checkout The Craziest Cars Owned By Your Favorite Nigerian Musicians. (Photos)


Alright! Alright!! Alright!!! Y’all know how we love creating controversial and very viral lists of your popular/favourite celebrities? Yeah well, we won’t stop doing this as it’s something we know y’all love so very much, doncha ?! Lol.

So we’re back with yet another controversial list of your favourite Nigerian celebrities and this list has to do with how they rock the craziest of automobiles.

We created this list, not only for y’all to see them but we created it so it could inspire y’all, telling y’all that every time, it pays to be hard working.

“Through the rough roads, through the punishments, through the hardships and discouragements, I got stronger, it was nourishment, from accomplishment to accomplishments” Those are the lyrics to one of the few celebrities on our list and it’s only right to tell y’all that it doesn’t matter what you might be facing now cause someday, as long as you’re hard working and diligent… You will make it!!!

So how about you inspire yourself and enjoy the list we compiled of your favourite Nigerian artistes and the crazy cars they own.

1. Davido.

Checkout The Craziest Cars Owned By Your Favorite Nigerian Musicians. (Photos)
One of the most popular celebrity on our list is one who has quite a fleet of cars in his garage. The “Aye” crooner, who has a flair for luxurious living reportedly has over six exotic vehicles.

The super star has a
1. Mercedes G-Wagon worth N30M- $150.8k
2. 2015 Range Rover Sport SUV worth N35M – $175.9
3. 2012 Audi Q7 worth N10M – $50.3k
4. Chevrolet Camaro worth N6M – $30.2k
5. 2012 Honda accord worth
6. Porsche Turbo worth N22M – $110.6k

Talk about luxury!

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  1. But, U can leave what was written on a motor, and just enter motor! and don’t mind all the decorations.

  2. [email protected] godess

    You know there is time for everything,but please take note Audi Q7 is not up to 10million,because my dad deals with cars the car is 2.8million take note,or because he is a celebrity, you have to inflate the price of those cares to show off abi

  3. More grace to their elbow @davido, olamide, nd wizzy yeyeye. Nd more youngest artist out dere. This is d sign of their hardiworking. Pls guys stop underate any of dis guys

  4. Everybody have his/her own problem,but instead of having account for somebody else’s money i do either have none…Biiya anybody #LOL

  5. Wots d need of having all does cars, why poor children are crying 4 food somewhere. God have mercy.

  6. nah God win sha…..eh sha ma se faji lo@ ma craziest dudes olamide nd davido…you guys realy worked hard for it..

  7. If he like mk he buy jet na for his bucket, how many life does he affect in life, if God has bless u bless order dat never b like u, I can praise u by buying a car, I praise u by hw many pple u help.

  8. Usher, Chris Brown, Justin Bebar etc. They Show appreciation to their end uses (fans) by contributing to charity homes, scholarship for younger ones. Not just some show up with flashy cars and jewelry, u are blessed for u to help the needy so let’s grow up and make a better Africa this is our fathers land.

  9. Any time u weak up from sleep is your moning,lets them flex that’s there time,is just a lassing to every one of you work had and make the fucking cash so called MONEY.Jah bless my hostle.

  10. Me just want get pass them on my field, in jesus name I pray …………. If you wish to fill in the gap.

  11. The best is yet to cum…the end glory will be much than the recent one…well done guys(they call me the crazy rapping guy)

  12. Hello guys,i can see Gods love in you people,i love u all but kindly help the needy and share your wealth for the people around you so that, will enable you guys to continue growing from strength to stength,i love you all…

  13. Keep it up guys, the sky is your starting point, but remember the needy so that the almighty God will continue to bless you all.

  14. Na so bros…..money nids 2 b spent buh wisely tho In need of a job that pays a lot,click on this link….it pays a lot nd no stress is involved http://TheYouthCash.com/?ref=19227

  15. I wish to be like them and i will also like to help the upcoming musician we are so many in the street helpless

  16. Mak nna dy try dy help upcoming star nigerias ar suffering u guys ar buying car worth of millonies

  17. This guy’s don’t know what to use money to do. They should go and give the money to the poor.. People are out their looking for it, OK


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