GistReel TV Checkout The Public Opinion On Fuel Subsidy Removal…

Checkout The Public Opinion On Fuel Subsidy Removal…


Welcome to this week’s edition of GistReel TV.

On this week’s episode, we sought the public’s opinion on trending issue affecting the populace; which is the removal of fuel subsidy and the resulting hiking of fuel price from N86 to N145.

Check out that the street had to say.




  1. Uchenna Maduh Ada Chidi Idowu Opemipo Temitayo whose uncle is this? I bet Bra Fred Born-great doesnt know him.

    • You r a big fool for calling him goat are u beta dan him.speak ur English let us hear animal in human skin.

    • English is borrowed language, don’t judge whoever that didn’t speak it well. Am here in Tanzania, they don’t even know much English, they force people to speak kiswahili, they are proud of their own language

  2. English language is a problem to Nigerians..that is why I love using broken English to express myself…I no fit Jonse

  3. Hahahahahahahahahahaha our uncle from urualla chai! That’s the end of our talk oooooooooooo

  4. U will cap and capslock till u blow….nonsense English!….u Berra speak ur language or pidgin…. Oyinbo no b by force…our mothers! Our fathers!…..Omo ode# cho understand #

    • Fool! How dear you insult him? What’s your educational standard have you ever scored 100% in your career? Every Nigerian understands pigin and that’s what he is using…Language is for communication so far as u understood what he meant the main aim of speaking is achieved! Go back to school!

    • Na ur ppl be fool(awon eyan e)#cho understand #…..infact una two go blow together#cho understand#…..u get mouth but you no get brain#cho understand #…u asking after moi educational standard….y don’t u go check moi profile#Ayam capping#….. #omo ode#…..

  5. English language not his mother tongue, so with tym he will probably correct his mistakes.

  6. The boy can’t string a simple sentence together without making less than 4 grammatical errors, can’t properly express himself in simple English but yet knows all the Cult lingo. #YouthsOfToday..

    • My bro . He’s speaks in the lingo recognized by his cohorts . Lol . Capping . Face capping nkor . Ha ha

    • Thank you t but no thanks! I dash you! ?????? my guys said that’s the end of my talk?

    • Exactly and the police have turned a blind eyes..its been going on for ages..touts’ en dirty gangs.

  7. Hahahahahahah hahahahahahah hahahahahahah hahahahahahah hahahahahahah hahahahahahah hahahahahahah

  8. Imagine how brainwashed you guys are……. You have all been fooled by the so called white……. ENGLISH IS A LANGUAGE AND NOT A MEASURE OF INTELLIGENCE. leave the language out and u will understand the guy…. Mumu pple

  9. We still have a long way to go in Nigeria. An average person can’t simply express himself in a simple and correct English language. Dats a huge educational gap if I must say…

    • Check the definition of education plz, when you are done you can edit or better still delete this post of yours and thank me afterward.

    • I live here in south England as a Nigerian and i can tell you that almost 40% of the average English man cannot write as well as English he speaks sounds so sweet. Dont be quick to judge people.

  10. Oga wit dis ur bad grammar it won’t reduce d short buhari will get angry for having ppl like u in Nigeria…

  11. Those of you laughing at that young man English.A day would come you will get to know that, English is a language and not a measure of intelligence.

  12. For a marketing job, i will employ this dude than a 1st class BA English student. The guy is bold and fearless.

  13. I always wondered, must we even speak English,why not speak your native language and let them interpret it for you later.

  14. I love this dude, so many of us would be begging the system how tough things are. But he went straight to the point. Get the message forget about the messenger

  15. Rugged caping. You can’t clap for obahiagbon and then hate this guy. You really have to compensate with him.

  16. Haha you are capping my brother…. Government must surely compensate with us…. God punish bad government

  17. bg way no get ot must he come and cast to every one that his a BG!!!!!!!!!!!! c him up side down english sef.

  18. I can understand him perfectly.but English is not our language please and it does not show or entails how wise you are.

  19. You may complain about his english but all I see is a young man full of confidence who is not camera shy. I know how some people act when a camera comes to them. #OkpoRecords

  20. Of all places to interview people, haba. You are not falling there hands oh rather you the interviewer are the one fooling yourselves. Am very sure the guy you are interviewing is much more intelligent than you do. Ode

  21. At times I get pissed with some posts. It’s not all about vocabularies or grammar, it’s all about d message at least it takes only intellectuals to get wat dis guy is talking about. Most of u here are just commenting as if u were born in the United kingdom. The young man communicated afterwards. Chinese and some other countries don’t even speak grammar #whogrammardonhelp

    • You can never see a Deutsche man speaking English… I don’t know why some Nigerians are so myopic in their thinking.

    • Don’t mind Oluwatosin Adeosun’ always giving English lessons to any comment or post

    • Why German go speak English? Well nevertheless English still our official language . The country as a whole have 3 official tribes and the 3 tribes have multiple languages is that not crazy?

  22. How come u all always wanna interview people who their appearance already say it all before they even talk

  23. Hahahahaha…bold n fearless..but its not by force to blow wetin you no sabi…pidgin would have been just fine..

  24. Did he fucking said rugged capping? They should checkmate the nigga and ask him questions like who goes?

  25. Somebody like messi dont know how to speak english and you expect gramar from this lagos niiga…make una no go make me vex o

  26. Lmao. Tho he’s full of confidence and willing to speak his mind if not because of oyibo wey no gree am. That’s the end of my talk. #THATSTHEENDOFMYTALK

  27. Most folks talking like they know the best English here can’t Cap ooo, so why envy,…His not speaking English Dummies,…His capping…its a different language you don’t understand.

  28. I thought he is one of the Fulani herdsmen leaving in the southern part of the country,hope he will not commit atrocity and he will be tagged as Fulani.

  29. Gistreel or whatever you call yourselves. Do you interview people with the purpose of embarrassing them or you really want to know how they feel? If you really care about their welfare and want to know, then you should know that you are supposed to ask individuals questions in the mist comfortable form for them. For example, why not ask this innocent and free minded guy that question in pidgin? Stop embarrassing and mocking your own people. #Be_Serious

  30. At least his message is clear for a simple sensible soul to understand it’s not all about grammar every time who grammar Epp! English is not our mother tongue

  31. SHAME ON YOU GISTREEL ENTERTAINMENT SHAME! Although in poor English; he answered your question. SHAME ON YOU!


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