Wedding Pre-Wedding Shoot Checkout this couple’s smoking gangsta pre-wedding shoot

Checkout this couple’s smoking gangsta pre-wedding shoot


This is the season of pre-wedding shoots and we have seen various concepts.

This couple decided to up the ante or reduce the stakes (different strokes for different folks) depending on how you see it.

The couple were pictured smoking what looks like marijuana inside a toilet.

What do you think? Cool or thrashy?

  1. when they have kids they should explain to them y their pre weding photo is full of them smoking when d kids start asking question.wat message are they passing through d pics.

  2. This is a very bad way to begin lice together. After they get married, how will they explain to the kids?

  3. Kontinue o. Tomoro the lady will come nd complain of how he beat her and did so many oda finz.

  4. Ur kids will see these pics some day. N I wonder the kind of advice you give them wen you find out they are doing this.

  5. Han! Han! Dis one pass me,of all pre wedding photos it’d this style they opted for,this pics is out of it,which kin innovation be this,this is not portraying a good reputation for d intended couple..