News Charms, Lady’s pants, coffins and photos of people found in a church...

Charms, Lady’s pants, coffins and photos of people found in a church in Benin


A Benin-based pastor, Emokpae Great, is currently on the run following the alleged discovery of a love affair between him and a female member of his church by the woman’s husband, one Mr. Anthony Ehikioya. Pastor Emokpae was said to have run away after angry youths stormed his church yesterday, destroying church’s property.

The woman’s husband told newsmen that he started suspecting his wife’s of infidelity when she refused to have sex with him for many months. According to him, he told his children and neighbours to keep an eye on his wife and they placed her phone on call-and-record.

Her alleged affairs were exposed after she received a call from somebody and the children played back the recording.

The recording From the recording, the husband alleged that the pastor was heard telling his wife how good she was in bed and that she should come for sex. Following the discovery, angry youths stormed the Miracle House of God Ministry owned by Pastor Great and broke into it, destroying everything in sight.

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The youths allegedly discovered charms, female panties, photographs of clients and other fetish items.

Residents in the area said policemen from the Saint Saviour Police Division arrested the church’s assistant pastor and took the charms and fetish items found inside the church away. His father Pastor Great’s father, who gave his name as Robinson, said he was at home when policemen came asking after his son. Mr. Robinson said he was surprised that his son was accused of sleeping with a married woman, who is also the Woman Leader of the church.

According to him, “I am shocked. My son is a prophet. Those charms were planted by those that attacked the church.” According to him, “there is no evidence of my son sleeping with the woman.

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That woman just came to ruin my son’s ministry. “My son is being blackmailed. They said it was through phone calls. Anybody could have cloned my son’s voice. “Those people took laws into their hands,” he concluded. When contacted for comments, Edo State Police Command’s spokesman, DSP Moses Nkombe, said he was yet to be briefed on the matter.



  1. He was promiscuous as a pastor, remember not everyone behind the pulpit is a pastor. There are thieves,occultic men ritualist, evil men behind the pulpit. Be careful on the ones you receive instructions from. These days, we don’t have MEN OF GOD, what we have is gOD OF MEN, beware

  2. dis wud never happen at #mosques, after u pple sai muslims are terrorist, my broda wetin dy happen for church pass terrorism

  3. When things have not been happening before starts happening, then know that the end is near. My brother, my sister how ready are you for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ? This message is for me and everyone out there.Let’s strive to enter because if we miss heaven, definitely we won’t miss hell, God bless us

  4. May God deliver us all, some church add problems to there members life, stay at the corner of ur room and talk to God with ur family that’s the best church service

  5. Jesus have come already and there is no hell fire but the bible said that evil doers will be cut off that is they will be destroyed and the righteous ones will possess the earth (Psalms 37: 9-11, 29

  6. Loveth why don’t you show me where the bible said that evil doers will be put into hell fire and that they will stay there forever

  7. Chai which kain church be this one? All this fake pastors. May God deliver us from fake pastors and fake new generation churches


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