Entertainment News Charly Boy- I Don’t Know My Actual Age!

Charly Boy- I Don’t Know My Actual Age!


Charly Boy a.k.a Area Fada who celebrated his birthday anniversary last Friday in Abuja, has declared that he does not know his actual age.

He said when he heard people saying he was 64 last Friday, he was surprised and wondered how they came about it.

“I don’t really know my age. How people came about 64 is still a surprise to me. I am not particular about how old or young the number is, what I’m concerned about is the age of my mind and the age of my body. From my physique and my energy, I feel like I am 35 years younger. However, going by the age of my mind, experiences, my responsibilities and wisdom I should be about 87 years of age,”

On his children and people judging him, he had this to say,

‘My family is my rock, my children are my joy and pride. Family is what I have known all my life. I love all my children in different ways and I see a bit of me in all of them. And my strongest principle in life is ‘live and let live’, because you can’t live your life judging or labelling others when you don’t know the stuff they are made of.’



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