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Charles Uwagbai calls on actresses to stop looking for shortcuts into the industry, to avoid sexual harassment by movie directors


The issue of sexual harassment in the Nigerian film industry otherwise known as Nollywood is a subject of controversy that has over the years rocked that sector of the entertainment industry.

While majority of Nollywood actresses have attested to the existence of this act in the industry with claims to have been sexually harassed at a point in their careers, a few others have trashed the talk saying only the desperate wannabes in the make believe world are faced with such a challenge.

Uber talented film maker, Charles Uwagbai has weighed in on the never-ending controversy in the film industry. The brain behind block-bursters like ‘Esohe’ and ‘Brother Jekwu’ explained that he has heard reports of sexual harassment in Nollywood via social media but was quick to separate himself from film makers that engage in the filthy act.

“Well, I can only speak for myself, although I have heard of reports like this on social media but all I will say is, I don’t do it and I don’t think such an act is right.”

He however advised that actresses should look for appropriate channels to get jobs and not go through shortcuts in order to avoid being harassed by anyone. “My advice to these actresses is that they should lookout for the right channels to get jobs. There are a couple of big production houses that call out for auditions, actresses should attend these auditions and also work on improving their skills. I have conducted auditions and I realized that some people who claim to be actresses don’t even know how to act, they come for auditions without being prepared and I ask myself, are these the people that want to act?,” he asked.

“Actresses should not look for shortcuts by calling movie directors and producers or sending them messages in a bid to get jobs because by so doing they will fall into the wrong hands,” he added.



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