Editorials Celebrities Who Made Their Relationships Private Following Scandals

Celebrities Who Made Their Relationships Private Following Scandals




Celebrities and their ‘businesses’ – especially scandals, are the lifeblood of all things gossip therefore, it’s no wonder everyone wants to know what they’re doing, whom they’re seeing and all the other tiny details about their everyday mundane activities which make for sizzling stories on numerous blogs.

As always, the outcome of making your personal life public isn’t usually great especially for public figures whose issues become headlines with the whole world watching – and often judging. Some of our celebrities have had to learn this lesson the hard way after experiencing the brutality of the internet.

Below are some who have opted to make their private businesses private following huge scandals.

Ice Prince ZamaniIce Prince Zamani

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The Cool Cats C.E.O was never shy about his romantic relationships and made no point to hide them until the incident with his French-Ghanaian girlfriend, Maima Nkewa in January, which lit up the internet for days, even weeks. The Oleku crooner was dragged through filth and back with memes popping up at every corner because of his decision to side with her despite the cheating allegations which reportedly came with receipts.

And though we have reason to believe that the pair are still very much together (she took to Instagram to promote his latest album- Jos to the World), it’s been a long while since we saw lovey dovey posts and heart emojis on his social media handles.