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I Can’t Stop Thinking About My Step-sister After Amazing S*x with Her – Man Confesses


A guilt-stricken man has shared his shocking s*x story as he revealed s*x with the step-sister is amazing. The story was shared by Deidre.


I AM having sex with my stepsister but she is in a relationship with my best mate. Do I tell him? I am so confused. I am 20 and my stepsister is 19. Her parents divorced, as did mine, when we were young.

Then her dad met my mum on a dating site. They dated for a year or so before me, my brother, my new stepsister and her brother all started living in the house they bought together.

That was just three years ago. We are all pretty happy and get along great with one another.
She met my best friend through him coming around to our house to see me. They have been going out for 18 months and I was happy for them.

She started uni this year and I really missed her being around. It was then I realised that I had feelings for her. When she came home for the holidays the three of us often hung out together in town but this time I felt envious of him, although I tried not to show it.

She came home early one night after seeing him.

We sat and talked then ended up watching a movie and opening a bottle of wine.
I put my arm around her shoulder, then I kissed her and it was such a good feeling.

She said she had always really liked me too. We had the house to ourselves the next day and spent it in bed together. The sex is out of this world with her. We have slept together whenever we can since then and I am falling for her big-time.

She says she likes my mate too and does not want to hurt him. I find it hard to look him in the eye and keep avoiding going out when it is just me and him.

I do feel guilty but I cannot help my feelings. I have never felt this way about a girl before. I am on the point of confessing but I hold back because I do not want to lose him as a mate.


  1. I think you’re crazy, today is Friday,you better grab the chance and go to night vigil•••

  2. This man needs deliverance. You are commiting incest. Better change your ways and ask God for forgiveness

  3. Were your eyes close went you go and sleep with your step sister? May God forgive you because i think something is worng with you.

  4. Well my prayer 4 u is dat God 4 gives u ,and u turning a new leave,not in is strange in dis word anymore ,Fada impregnant his own daughter ,wat do we do to him,just dat everyone need to be very carefully

  5. She is now ur sister even with a different dad, learn to see her as one and stop sleeping with her.. It’s very bad, ask God for forgiveness and mend ur ways

  6. Awww.. you just have to let her go dear before it all goes for the bend! ask God to give you the strenght to let go off the flesh. its difficult but God is able to do all things when we ask. By his Grace you will overcome.


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