Art & Humour Can you solve this infuriating riddle?

Can you solve this infuriating riddle?


It seems like quite an easy equation, so why does no-one know the answer?

The infuriating riddle has been shared over 1,300 times since it was posted
online four days ago.

It has also received hundreds of comments from confused users, one wrote: “The
question is too ambiguous and needs refining, that is the answer.”

While many more gave what they thought was the correct answer, some said two,
four and seven.

  1. 10 cause fish can’t drown in the water Secondly it can’t swim away they are inside a tank Lastly fish can’t die in a water THANKS 08106098604. MTN

  2. Reason: So far d fishes are in the tank, so none can swim away nor drown. The total number of the present fish will be the initial number, which is 10

    • I have seen that olodo here again, so omon kelvin ekigho what you specialize on is going from comment to comment and showing that you are a scumbag, grow up kid, bigger olodo. #foolish fool#

    • Oga u no get sense… I knw say u go say fish no fit drown…u don’t knw if dey r sick or injured…if u hv worked in a pond b4 u will knw wat am saying dey can b sick die n sink dats d drowning… So ask y b4 u call sumbody olodo…

    • Loveth and don here is an expo for u guys… 2 fish drown and dey drown inside d tank… 4 swim away,still inside d tank…. and 3 died and dey died inside d tank.. All fishes still remain inside d tank…

    • Doesn’t mean u shud go around calling names not kul…m nt offended bt bhve mature bro…grow up. Its a group were pple can comment wat dey lyk n hw dey wnt it nt bcuz dey don’t knw wats ryt…u correct nt call names…

    • No b onli u knw book…everybody get his/her area of specialization… No dey go pple post dey call em olodo…words can hurt certain pple u can’t tell….even if u r joking dey myt laff ova it bt feel bad…m nt hurt or offended bt just telling u bcuz of orda pple…control n select ur speech 4 it kill n saves…b wise man…just felt lyk comment if bt I don’t talk in groups u won’t even

  3. It’s 10 cos fishes can nt drown,swim away frm d tank it can not also possible die in d water.

  4. 7 is left since its in a tank, they can t get drowned or swim away instead they can only die, so 3 out of 10 died. Totalling 7 remaining!

  5. If 2 drown dre re still inside the tank, 3 died dre re still inside the tank and 1 is still inside the tank alive. So is 6 fishes.

  6. Fishes don’t drown in water,der r in d tank so der can’t swim away,so der r still inside,jus swimming around,might be possible 3 died.. Nd since it ten,one is missing.. Practically, der r 6 fishes left.

  7. This question is somehow. Your calculations means the remaining one alive is not included. So therefore the 10 fishes r still inside d tank.

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  9. First, fish cant drown so the 2 fishes are still intact, and secondly its a tank so they cant swim its only 3 that died which mean its 7 that is remaining and the whole 10 is still in the tank because the 3 dead ones still count

  10. All the fishes remain in tank…. it’s a simple IQ question .. does tank have an escape route?? My question to those writing something else … the answer must be 10 and will always be 10 in as much there is no escape route for fish to swim out

  11. judging by the statement, it’s 6 but 1 is missing cos 4 swam away, 2 drowned and 3 die totalling 9 so 6 + or – 1 not mentioned

  12. 1 fish will be left since 9 random mishaps happens to all 9 fish and in the question ten fish instead of fishes,so I think 1 is the answer

  13. Reason, hence 3 out of the 10 fish are dead, there is a possibility for the remaining 7 fish to die so, there will be O fish left in the tank

  14. They all die cus it isn’t said if the tank contains water in it… But if there is water then the answer is 10… All live

  15. 6 left in the tank, cos 4 swim away, the one alive, 3dead, and the 2drown all in the tank.

  16. Fish are made 2 live in water so there z no way a fish can drown or die in water so de actual no of de remaining fish z still 100

  17. 7 because the three die will be bring out and 2 can’t be drown because they all inside the tank okay

  18. None of the fish got away because they all are in a tank 10 still remain#lobatan

  19. 2 drown in the same tank 4 swim away within the same tank 3 die but have not been removed from the tank 1 is still alive in the same tank We still have 10

  20. No way a fish can drawn nor die in a river or even swims away from inside a tank. So, 10-0-0-0 = 10

  21. a fish cant get drowned which makes it +2 and is a tank so d fish cant swim away which makes it +4 and since dey did not say d number of life fishes,dey just said how many will remain so we count both d dead one and d life one together which makes it we say 1+2+3+4=10 so d answer is 10

  22. My answer is 6 because 4 swam away leaving 2 drowned, 3 dead and 1. All the 6 fishes are still inside the tank while 4 are out.

  23. 10 because d dead ones are still in the tank… Does dat drowned are still in the tank… Also those dat swims away are still in the tank.. Final answer 10

  24. Two Drowned bt stil in d tank,four swim away bt stil in d tank and three die bt stil in d tank,dat simple means d ten fishs stil in d tank,my ans is 10

  25. 0 cus 3 died,4 drown and went down to the drainage cus i linked pipe frm d tank and the 2 dat swims away are bastards so i banished dem frm the fish kingdom.the remaining i used for pepper soup…so there are 0fish in d tank. #Thanks

  26. is remaining 1 fish cos d total number of fish is 10,2 drown,4 swim awaY n 3 die so is only 1 fish dat is left

  27. 7 remaining cos dere s no how fish can go out of a tank, and fishes don’t drown on waters,3 r dead remaining 7

  28. One is left… One is left to b talked about…notin was talked about one…they told us about what happened to 9 of them. But left 1 out of d story…

  29. Na 10 b d answer cos 1 dey standby, fish can’t drown nd can’t swim away either nd those dat are dead will still b in d tank…therefore, altogether makes 10

  30. Dead, drown or swum away are still in the the tank. 10 fishes are still in the tank dead or alive.

  31. Lol… 7 fishes are left… coz first of all fishes don’t drown, den if dey swim away dey are still in d tank secure we fit locate dem den excluding d 3 dat died May their soul rest in peace….

  32. Bt if na fishes wey still get life na 7 and if d d sum total plus d death one na 10 all in all b dat

  33. 10 fishes in d car,4 swim away. Remainder 6. The 2 drowned fishes and the 3 dead remains in the water with 1 alive. There total number of fish remain =2+3+1=6. Answer=6.

  34. Some drown some swim away some die and dey didnt talk about 1 so if u set and think u will understand that all the fishies are still in the tank so the ans still remains the total sum of wat they said is in the tank which happens to be 10

  35. Ten are left since those once dat die and drown are still in side the tank including the one that we are not told about

  36. 10 of the fishes are still very much in the tank. Cuz the dead one’s are still in d tank those that swim can’t swim out of the tank..So that makes all of them still in the

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  38. since the are in they tank,the is Nothing like Drowning or swimming away,so is 3 of thEm that died Remainder 7 #HOpe_To_win_tho…….

  39. It still 10 bt y did u pt 2 4 nd 3 if u add dis there number it would give u nine bt if u say 10 fishes are in a tank den it iz 10 dat is still remaining

  40. Fishes don’t drown,a tank is an enclosed container and they can’t swim away as well. .. the total number is still 10

  41. They cannot swim away, They cannot be drowned, they can die, so with 3 dead, we have 7 left.

  42. řɛąŞơŋ ცɛĆąųŞɛ, ŧɧɛყ Ćąŋ’ŧ ɖřơɯŋ, ŧɧɛყ Ćąŋ’ŧ ɖıɛ ıŋŞıɖɛ ŧɧɛ ɯąŧɛř ơŋ ŧɧɛıř ơɯŋ,ŧɧɛყ Ćąŋ’ŧ Şɯım ąɯąყ,ცɛĆąųŞɛ ŧɧɛყ ąřɛ ıŋ ą ŧąŋҠ.

  43. Since the question has nothing to do with life, I think the correct answer to that question should be the initial number which is 10

  44. 1 fish is left to be counted, remember the question is not how many of the fishes left in the tank

  45. 10 fish, They drawn, they are in!, They die, they are in!, They swim away, the tank has no exit hence still in, Then the remaining one! All fish are in

  46. Because of recharge card? Ma laugh… Buhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahabahahahaha

  47. I didn’t even have to think hard before giving an answer and its very sad the answer people are giving.

  48. Still 10 because even though they die they are still in the tank and a fish in a tank can’t run away and if they drown, it’s in the tank nowhere to go.

  49. total number of fishes are 10.fishes don’t drown,they inside a tank,so it can’t swim away,if some fishes die it will still remain in the tank.therefore 10 fishes are left

  50. There are still 10 fishes in the tank since the dead 3 have not being taken away.and all the activities take place inside that tank.send me my prize right now

  51. 7are left cause there is no way a fish will drown and no way they leave a tank but 3 could die maybe they were stewed.

  52. Fish dont drown, they can’t run away from their habitat and they can die in their habitat so 7 left

  53. Since they are in a tank they can’t swim away or drown even they drown they are Still in the tank, so when three have died the remaining seven would still be in the tank

  54. So, what is the correct answer? It’s 10. But how has it been worked out? Firstly, fish don’t drown, not in the conventional sense anyway. Secondly, if they are all in a tank, the fish cannot swim out of it or escape. And thirdly, if three have died, they would be floating at the top of the tank. Which means all 10 would still be in the tank. And our winner is Faniyi Idris Opeyemi… Kindly contact us to claim your airtime… More freebies coming soon.

  55. Truly 10 is the answer to proof–2/10+4/10+3/10+1/10 take the lcm and multiply. 2+4+3+1/10=20+40+30+10/10=1000/10===10 he is right

  56. D ans is 10…cause dey are still in d water .d dead fish is in d water. D one dat swam away are still in d tank and can fish even drown

  57. The correct answer is 7 fishes. Fishes in the tank can’t swim away, neither can they drown because water is their natural habitat, they can only die. So if 3 out of 10 fishes die, 7 are still intact.

  58. 6 coz d drowned ones are still inside plus d dead ones plus d remaining one alive dat is:3 ➕ 2 ➕ 1=6