Editorials NYSC Call-Up Letter

NYSC Call-Up Letter


The dreaded day had finally come. I jumped out of bed as soon as I got the call from my classmate that the mobilization list was out. A lot of time and money had gone into making sure I got posted to Lagos and I was anxious to find out if it had paid off. I called my boyfriend and asked that he accompany me. Was ready when he arrived and we set out to the student affairs building to check out the list. We got there and found a huge crowd and it took us a while to locate my department’s list and then finally my name. And lo and behold, the letters KW were written beside it. My heart sank, even though I knew there was a good chance that it wouldn’t work out, I still hoped against hope. My boyfriend put his arms around me and told me it would be alright. I then called mum and told her, she was furious. I wondered where Kwara was, since I didn’t do geography in secondary school. Checked my map when I got home and was satisfied to see it wasn’t that far from home. A week later I picked up my call up letter and began the most exciting one year of my life.

To be continued ….


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