Technology Call of Duty Owner Activision Buys Popular Phone Game ‘Candy Crush Saga’...

Call of Duty Owner Activision Buys Popular Phone Game ‘Candy Crush Saga’ For $5.9 Billion


Activision Blizzard, which built an empire on video games for consoles and PCs, is buying the maker of the addictive Candy Crush Saga, one of the most popular titles for mobile devices.

Activision, who are traditionally game makers for consoles with titles like Call Of Duty and Destiny, will be making their first big step into the mobile market with this.

The buyout will be completed by Spring of 2016, and a statement on the deal reads:

“Activision Blizzard believes that the addition of King’s highly-complementary business will position Activision Blizzard as a global leader in interactive entertainment across mobile, console and PC platforms, and positions the company for future growth.”

“The combined revenues and profits solidify our position as the largest, most profitable standalone company in interactive entertainment,” said Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick.

“With a combined global network of more than half a billion monthly active users, our potential to reach audiences around the world on the device of their choosing enables us to deliver great games to even bigger audiences than ever before.”



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