News Caleb University stations barbers at their school gate to cut hair of...

Caleb University stations barbers at their school gate to cut hair of erring students


Caleb University is one of the private university located in Imota, Lagos Nigeria. The school is renowned for its cleanliness and high academic taste.

It is also known to be really strict with its students when it came to paying attention to rules and regulations…

Recently the university caused a stir after employing a certain stringent measure to make sure that students complied with a law that says male students must wear a low hair cut within the campus premises.

According to a student who shared the story, barbers were seen stationed at the school gate to make sure that all students who came back with grown hair, cut their hair before entering the school.

However, social media users have found the development irritating with many people accusing Caleb University of being a “glorified secondary school”.

  1. I tot dis only happen to secondary school student, then dis bad what kind of discipline is dat

  2. After been treated/decipline like kid in PRI/sec schools then this in UNI Please someone should rely my message to them Whoever that is running the sch should lend me his/her ear UNI is a world on its own that teach people how the real world is like. Neither am I saying students should look raggy to sch but barbing hair in front of sch gate that one is OUT

    • For u to think that there’s a correlation between decency and hair length, there must be something fundamentally wrong with u!

  3. How will this change the mindset of a bad boy?? They can shave their pubic hair as well! Rubbish! Glorified secondary school! Smh!

  4. When are they ever going to gain freedom?…..won’t be surprised if they begin to announce hairstyle of the week for both girls n guys on the assembly like “Shuku or all back” for the girls and “tombololo” for the guys

  5. This is a serious matter oh but wait why is it a university? I taught we are supposed to have our freedom now unlike when we were in primary school. Haba its not good

  6. Lol. That’s what military men do. Like one of the most painful punishment for a bad boy is cutting his hair. E dey pain die