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Caitlyn Jenner Says She Wants a Guy to Treat Her Like a Woman


Caitlyn Jenner Says She Wants a Guy to Treat Her Like a WomanIn a clip obtained by People magazine, Caitlyn Jenner told her friend and transgender activist Jennifer Finney Boylan that she could be attracted to men.

Caitlyn said “It would be very attractive to me to have a guy treat me like a woman,”That you would be treated like a normal woman. Like any other woman in the street and not make it this trans-gender thing, just a normal relationship.”

Boylan replied saying “A woman can make you a woman,It’s a thing we women do. We look to men to give us self worth.”Now that you’re in the sisterhood, you have gone to such trouble to be a woman; don’t be a stupid one. Be a smart one.”



  1. this ass hole must be a fool imagine a man in his 60 plus looking for a man to take of him man to take man to ta

  2. You are a bad dreamer. You open the doors of pain, sorrow and regret From the day you changed your sex.

  3. she failed to be guy, she made those changes because she failed to prove she is a good man. but why? i wonder when is he going to remarry.

  4. but You alone you’re both man and woman so let the other side of you treat you woman n the other man…i can see you can treat ya self well well….

  5. Moron, more pains,old cargo that is looking for Love,the earlier you find Jesus Christ the better for you. Your a bad influence to the youth.

  6. Shiaaaa i wander you’re man right how can you tell other man to treat you like a woman no no no!!!!!!

  7. dnt be deceived..carefully look at his neck and legs,..and hands also..it is only his ”FACE” that the surgeons succeeded to change into a woman-like face,..this guy is a man,..those hairs are all artificial fake dude.

  8. The day you conceive this idea of regeneration or recreating yourself is the day you are in total control of your desires. So, reach out to yourself for whichever you want. Play it out

  9. why is he begging to be treated like a woman? if she is really a woman she will be treated like a woman.

  10. Look, u can never be ur self again, after humiliating d hand wk of God, u think God was follish to have created u a man?

  11. Hey man, u don’t have an idea of what its takes to be a woman. You can never be there. Been a woman is beyond beautiful gown and fine hairstyle.

  12. Ur name na sorry! Men never see fresh girls finish na “wanna be old cargo half woman like u. U go wait tire. Bad market don catch u.


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