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Buhari’s Daughter, Zahra Speaks On Marriage Plans, Boutique Scandal



President Buhari’s daughter, Zahra has recently opened up on her life and plans of marriage during an exclusive interview with The Amba Imprint.

Photo credit: The Amba Imprint


Speaking on rumours that she kicked some young girls out of an Abuja boutique, Zahra said:

“I was in Guildford when I heard all these things coming through and I was surprised. I was in Selfridges when someone stopped me to ask if the story was true- I was not there. I was in my sitting room in Guildford.”

Attending to questions on the false Twitter account that sprung up in her name, Ms Buhari said,

”I don’t feel good at all because the first question that comes to your mind is ‘why would someone want to be me?’ And why would you want to taint someone’s image? I knew many people would be tricked into thinking it was me, that bothered me and when the fake controversial comments came out about me talking about a president, I was hurt because this wasn’t an insult to my family only, it was to the whole of Nigeria because it is just like saying members of the first family don’t have a proper upbringing. Why would I insult a president? Why would I insult any person in general? It’s just not right. So I asked them to come up with that press release because that was the only way it would get out to people as soon as possible. That was not me and I wouldn’t do such a thing.

When asked about about marriage, Zahra reportedly giggled and said:

”Eventually! Maybe I have a potential.”.


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  1. Hw e take concern us na. Father bcoms President, daughter became a public figure all of a sudden.


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