News Boko Haram gave me N200 to detonate explosive and go to heaven...

Boko Haram gave me N200 to detonate explosive and go to heaven :- Teenage Suicide Bomber


An 18-year-old Boko Haram suicide bomber, Amina, who was intercepted by men of Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC, on Tuesday in Maiduguri, said she was given N200 for the mission.

She told the News Agency of Nigeria in Maiduguri that she was abducted two years ago by the sect members in Madagali, Adamawa, and taken to Sambisa forest. “They gave us N200 each which they said we should use to buy food for ourselves.

It took us three days to come to Maiduguri on a motorcycle. We were directed by the sect members to detonate our explosives any where we saw any form of gathering.

They said if we press the button, the bomb would explode and we will automatically go to heaven. I was scared, so, I told them that I could not detonate any explosive. So, they said if Zainab detonated her own, it would serve the purpose.

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On our way to Maiduguri, we encountered the military and they were shooting. I was very scared and the people that brought us ran away,” Amina said. .

She said that her father, mother and younger brother, Umar, were all killed when they tried to escape from the Boko Haram enclave where they were held hostage. .

“We came from Gobarawa along Damboa, Madagali and Algarno axis, in a community where a lot of us were held hostage and married off by the sect members. I also am married to a Boko Haram Commander known as “Amir,” she added.

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At about 6.45 a.m, today, personnel of the NSCDC had intercepted two female suicide bombers, who tried to ram into motorists at the NNPC Mega Station along Damboa Road, Maiduguri. .

One of the bombers got scared and threw away her bomb and was instantly arrested, while the other one began to run after people with her explosive but, luckily, she was shot.



  1. 200naira abi 200,000. Anyway you’re a fool for believing you can makes heaven by killing people and yourself.

  2. That’s why I say islam is a brainwashed religion…. Imagine wot their useless Quran has taught them that wen u kill then u go to heaven straight…….. Mohammed is indeed a Bush pig

    • Oga!,I know you are seeking attention with this your foolish and insensitive comment but you have just showed us all how intolerant you can be as regards other people religion!!..

    • What do you mean?..I might be of one religion but it does not mean I have to speak bad or instigate hatred towards another religion!!,Muslims are wonderful people and am proud to say that because most of all geniune muslims do not support Daesh and it it’s agents who have masked the true meaning of Islam with Terrorism and hatred towards humans even to their fellow muslims!!..

    • Omotosho Mariam, you have actually shown by ur works wat ur quran teaches. Why wil u say god wil destroy someone’s else’s family? Anyways, am not surprized cos ur god was written in small letter. Have you ever heard Christians attacking Muslims? No but it wil always be muslims attacking Christians but not to worry, our GOD is on the thrown, He wil also fight for us.

    • Sometimes I wish religion never existed with the way you people are fighting each other over a very simple issue!!..Why must you bring the name of God in this issue?.You all are only heating up an already tensed society with your needless show of hatred!!.Leave God out of your stupid arguments!,he can speak for himself!!

    • @ kush, true christian do not insult or call holy Quran or Bible useless, we must be careful with our comments so that we will not sin against God

    • In d book of koran d name of mohammed was mention 4 places but jesus 25 places and also mohammed never have any relation in koran but jesus did.

    • koran says jesus did some miracles but mohammed never did any koran says mohammed is dead and his not coming back but d same koran says jesus is also dead and he will return

    • Omotosho Mariam,it’s obvious you will collect 150naira to bomb a market, useless girl,you this product of condom leakage.

  3. do you say heaven, what are they doing on earth, why do they nee sharia or caliphate on earth. brainwashed idiots. i blame the malams for teaching the wrong message. and denting the true meaning of islam

  4. Were are those stupid mallah.. Aboki cef… Oyah cum nd defend urself with this one now….. are u not a terrorist now….?????

  5. That’s their believe, the amount of people you kill is the chance you have for making heaven

  6. Kush bishop You extra fool you going too far.pls.mind your utterances before you regret being conceived by your whore mother

    • Engr Umar, can you see urself now? And u say ur religion of peace. Just hear urself. Almost all muslims are known for trouble making. Na wa o

    • His face is scary as that of bomber. Everything about them is to terrorize. Mtchw.

    • Please Engr Umar I think you need to ignore any hateful comment here and have it at the back of your mind that you cannot defend or fight for Allah and his prophet Mohammed S.W.T,let your true belief as being a good Muslim be a reminder that no matter how Daesh and it’s agent are defacing the true tenets of Islam it would soon come to an end and people will see the beautiful and peaceful side of Islam!!

    • Umar,u called me a harlot,i agreed,but forget ashawo mother wey born u,am sure u dnt even know ya papa,old fool! Bastard son of a thousand father,followers of a rapist called mohammed,mohammed himself is crying in hell,u better save urselve.

    • Am a christian nd am nt against d muslims,nd i dnt nid 2 throw words of insult 2 express myself.its a big disgrace 4 a christian 2 throw words dat re nt Godly cuz u re nt even defendin God anymre bt urself cuz dat man did nt send us 2 dey ridicule pple b4 expressin urselve nd mind u nt al muslims re terrorist we ve gud nd beta one nd even we christians we ve demons among us pple dat shd nt even b among humans.pls in our cause of defendin our relign pls lets nt add 2 our sins by bin rude,al dis trashy comment is nt needed.i pray God help us al.


    • All these aboki dey make me vex,every small tin them don dey call person ashawo….them forget say them get mama,sister and wife. Them be ashawo too nao

    • Terrorist spotted, foolish man called umar,everyday Islam keeps failing, I guess Mohammed will be weeping in hellfire right nown.

    • Debo….Who told u he tried to call u a harlot…na hilux or hilot we saw …so stop saying what u did not see…and stop calling yrself what others think or feel like calling u…they can say anything…but you can never repeat it….

    • Al dis hate comment i find it degradin nd un called for,cal me names dats ur problem as lng as i knw deep down am nt is only a fake christian nd fake muslims u wil c throwin insults,i live among d muslims nd hav neva felt unsave or lyk am a victim of any hate plan nd i also hav dem has frnds pls lets stop al dis “al of dem re evil”sum muslims re way beta dan us christian,we hav christians dat re monsters 2 nd satan himself we hear nd c wat many so cald men of God nd christians do nd dat does nt give any body right 2 say al xtian re bad dis al tin centre on who u re.Thou shal nt judge 4 u wil b greatly judged i didnt say its in d bible nd we cnt force our bliv nd relign on odas do ur tin i do my wud b a tragedy 4 a human 2 end up in hell infact a double tragedy especialy 4 a xtian,many many muslims wil make heaven many dnt b suprisd so den wat wud nw b ur gain of throwin nd fightin d oda relign,sum xtian re a disgrace at tym dat light u talk abt cn nt b seen in u nd dat alone u cnt make heaven

    • Thaju Din…..plz explain to us what he meant by hilot,becos d last time i check i didn’t see what it meant.Plz educate us miss DEFENDER

    • Pls my fellow muslim nd christian nobody mother is ur mate”honour thy father nd mother so ur days mayb lng nt only ur parent bt those older dan u nd wen u dnt follow dis commandment den ur days cn neva b long d tin is wen u insult my parent u re also insultin urz nd anoda place say “4 we re made in d image of God”so we re smaller god lets respect dat image no matter wat d moment u starts insultin one anoda den u re insultin God cuz u hav his image,wen pple re out there prayin 2 make heaven u re here on d media blastin ursel God no snd una dis wrk u re on ur own.wen u go 2 camp nd churcq progrm u c muslims prayin y cuz they value our God more dan we do nd we re here we dnt knw wat we hav nd disrespect God al d tym nt even dis recessn period wen we shd b thinkin of improvin ourselve nd putin fud on our table.wel na persn wey get tym nd no get valuable tin 2 do wit his or her live na him go dey abuse nd fight,relign wey u meet nd u go leave,do ur best make heaven nd leave d rest 4 odas.may God help us al.

  7. 200???I wonder what will happen if they give u 1k, na to bomb entire north..poverty and illiteracy is killing this young girls, the should stop marrying them at young age and send them to school once they are enlighten and knowledgeable they will not indulge in such act..

  8. Everything about Islam are just very horrible and disgusting. Paganism is far better than Islam.

  9. How #200 go carry u go heaven?? U no knw say transport cost?? Recession dey.. Mayb u want trek go der bcos 200naira no fit do for transport mumu

  10. If u had done it….I dnt think that wud have happened ….wahs is wrong with this insurgencies ….it’s crazy…

  11. I don’t blame her is because of her ignorance, I keep asking what does her religion teaches her. I will hold her region leaders responsible for not teaching her or expect other wise

  12. a beger from my side won’t take 200 for message talk more of to kill people even a child of 8yrs won’t collect that amount from anybody who came for visit I wonder where they got there brain from.

  13. Did u just say N200. As in, 200 Naira, not N2k or N200k. May God have mercy. This Boko haram sef, when will children be saved from them, from their deceitful tongue. Oh boy, na that N200 for transport u to hell straight… Do not be deceived

  14. This is thorough illitracy, how can they give her 200 to donate an explosive and lie to her that shes going to heaven, chai God help us oo

  15. y u no cum do am mumu?who cum giv u sense?I nor no oo hausa abi na muslim pple 2 go stupid…oh u be dey get am 4 mind say u o go heaven u 4 do am na make u 4 rest in pieces odeh.

  16. No some people though killing christian will make them lost focus in the lord brothers and sisters in Christ please go to church evey Sunday and forget about them lolz

  17. This girl is brainwashed. I just don’t know what they’ve been teaching her in her mosque. Is she so little in sense that she can easily be deceived like that? Ha!

  18. And you collect? Exchange your life with #200 naija money not $200 at dis time. When u collect d money ll u spend before u explode or take along to heaven… Gollible fellow.

  19. You people should stop blaming her. Una kno wetin dem go don tell her? Or una kno weder na charm?

  20. Walahi I tuale for dis people.. Infact these ppl even d so called enlightened ones can kill for their fuckin brainwashed beliefs.. I couldn’t believe my guy could turn his back on me when I tried to point out some flaws on buhari’s side.. All we thou role, but eh d guy go fit kill me if shekau permit am..

  21. That’s why l said northern Nigeria needs education, must of the Islamic teachers hv brain washed them about western education …200 naria to die and go to heaven, if she have known the truth for her self who would have deceived her to die in such a manner

  22. Y don’t they do it themselves .. Illiterate northerners All that this people need is education not money

  23. U ar missing d point! d girls don’t ask fr money to do d evil! Many of thm strictly obey under duress!! The agents of death are all brainwashed to believe d ungodly teachings, d same reason fr all killings and bombing!!!

  24. Foolish, brainwashed and senseless people… GEJ built numerous almajiri schools for you people to attend and be civilized. Yet, you refused and rather decided fighting against his Goodwill. Not surprised, anyway. Only God knows thousands of your like that has died in this manner.

  25. 200 what??? Naira abi Dollar??? Hahaha! May God have mercy on this people? U see,this is one of the reason they kicked against western education,so that people like this can be brainwash.To say the truth,if some of them are denying,now,that this act is not written in their Qur’an,where did Boko Haram get it from? Also,why haven’t their religious elite/leaders gone against such evil teaching in their society? I hate pretence!!! In Kano,those that killed that 75year christian old woman, where are they now??? Haven’t they be free? Who free them?I learnt they took them to court.Then,what happened? That of Kaduna and Abuja, what happened next??? The same story because they were they knew what they were teaching those children,from their Qur’an, and that was exactly what they did by killing those women.Do i need to mention kidnapping of young girls from another environment into their Quranic schools,after being jinx,then force them into marriage, without the consent of their parent.You see,they can’t come on this platform to comment because they are ashame to see the result of their fanaticism and their vain evil teaching their religion.

  26. Naso going to heaven cheap? As in like with just 200 naira I can go to heaven.. This guys will not kill me with laugh.. I wonder if na okada go carry you go

  27. Sanusi have told u imams to use ur mosque for school’s, but u refused. keep building mosque…instead of hell with regions my personal relationship with God Mata’s.

  28. What kind of brainwashing is that at 18,one is expected to be an adult and should be able to tell the right from wrong.their are many things we were told at age 2 and above but as u grow older u understand better

  29. I have not seen any Hausa/Fulani speaking, where are they,abi are they ashamed this girl exposed them,please don’t go and kill this girl from behindoooooo,useless and illiterate people.

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  31. Boko haram doesn’t offer suicide bomber millions again? So recession too is affecting boko haram is #200 u were giving suicide bomber now, brainwashing and poverty are the problems of dis young geh, may God punish poverty 1million times.

  32. Can’t we see that illiteracy is a disease, this is the more reason why the north do not value precious lives, couple with their negative religious beliefs, God will deliver us

  33. Can u imagine wat kind of up bringing is this one after they will say Muslim’s girls re the best jst 200 naria

  34. Osiri 200 gini just to do gini chaii, I can’t even speak straight language again because of the mentioned amount

  35. My opinion is that d north has chosen to remain backward & grope in eternal darkness. If not, muslims abound in d west & other parts of d country. An average Yoruba Muslim is enlightened if not educated & thus can never give in to such devilish teachings. They embraced d Western education long ago & have soared higher than their northern counterparts.


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