Editorials Bloggers Diary- How a guy embarrassed his girlfriend over 26,000naira

Bloggers Diary- How a guy embarrassed his girlfriend over 26,000naira

OMG! I witnessed the most hilarious scene ever and I couldn’t wait to get home and share it with you all. I was at Shoprite Ikeja around 7:30pm and this cute looking couple were beside me. The lady, light=skinned, Brazilian hair, Bold 5.
The guy was dangling a car key.Big boy apparently. I noticed them because of the large amount of purchases they had in their trolley and while searching for a less crowded line,theirs seemed to be fair enough.
So, I stood and she began to offload her purchases on the cash counter.Meanwhile,the guy was just standing.At a point in time, he placed his hand on her shoulder. She then took a snicker chocolate bar and added to the lot. The guy smiled. I rolled my eyes
The cashier then said “26,185 thousand. 
Then the girl was putting the purchases in the bags,The guy was standing,the cashier was waiting,,our line was getting longer.
The girl then looked at the guy and said”Honey,pay now”.
The guy froze.”You are kidding me right?”I should pay””
The lady now embarrassed repeated in pidgin “Ah ah.i told you i was coming to shop nah”.
Oh boy,this guy just turned around like film trick and walked out leaving the lady so shocked and her light skinned face turned red.
The cashier now said “Are you paying so I can attend to other customers””? The lady bit her finger and said “Erm,hey,erm..hey you know what,I’ll be right back”She dropped the things and left..
Trust Naija people,,they rained insults on her in all languages..”Ashawo,Oloshi,dan iska stupid girl Ndiara,gold digger”
That was the most embarrassing scene ever. If only she had the money to bail herself, it wouldn’t haven’t been so bad..
My friends have argued that they probably had a problem at home,I think they just met. No guy will walk out on his real girl like that. Worse case scenario,they’ll drop a few things..
Anyway, Ladies,always have some extra cash on you..always…
Culled from – MissPetiteNigeria



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