Weird and Strange Black Lab Saves Border Collie from Drowning

Black Lab Saves Border Collie from Drowning


Dogs are apparently in a rescuing mood this month.

With the Internet still buzzing over the pitbull that lost its leg while saving its owner from a home intruder, a black lab came to the rescue of a border collie.

Vancouver resident Joe Markovitch has his own amazing story to tell: he took his 12-year-old Border Collie, Bagels, to the beach when the animal picked up a large stick and swam out to sea.

The current wouldn’t allow Bagels to turn around, pulling him farther and farther away. As Markovitch jumped in to save his pet, he was beaten to the important mission by another canine.

Markovitch on Facebook explained:
“I feel a bump to my shoulder as a large black lab passes me, on his way to Bagels where then he grabs the other end of the stick, still in Bagels’ mouth and swims with stick and my dog in tow all the way back to shore (sic)”.

This is one of the cutest stories we’ve heard in awhile. Dogs help stories making rounds, we humans shouldn’t be left behind O:)


  1. I hate to sound cynical but the lab probably just wanted to retrieve the stick… It’s nice to believe that it was trying to save the BC though… Well done that lab! Shame on the BC owner for allowing his dog to swim in the sea when there were dangerous currents about, dogs are weak swimmers compared to humans and cannot deal well with rough conditions. Dogs should only be allowed to swim when it’s calm and safe – just as you would do for a child.


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