Art & Humour Bestman Proposes To His Girlfriend At Wedding Reception (Photos)

Bestman Proposes To His Girlfriend At Wedding Reception (Photos)


So, A Best Man sprung a surprise on everyone when he got down on his knees and proposed to his woman during a wedding reception in Lagos.


But moments after the photos hit the internet, social media users have come out to say it isn’t appropraite as they ‘stole the show’ from the newly weds.

“No no…don’t dare propose at my wedding” One Instagram user wrote.

“Why will you propose to your girlfriend at someonelse’s wedding. so rude”, ‘anitapreye’ wrote

“I will be dragging both of them out of my reception if I wasn’t pre informed #rollseyes”, littlemaidee wrote

“Big letter NO! There are 365 days in a year, they can’t share mine with me. Haba…”, Dew_drop_ wrote

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While nwamakaezinwa wrote: “I don’t see anything wrong with dis. They av nt in anyway shine on ur day. No one is going to leave d couple ND spray dem. This is a normal thing dat is being anywhere”

“What’s wrong about it? Ppl sha! Just 5mins that made the couples day more memorable, can u see their face? In as much as the guy is a close frnd of the couples no wahala!”,temmy_tea01 wrote

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    • no,as a grl i wont like this one,so he can’t organize a surprise party or something instead of digging wat he did nt plan?ah! me go feel insulted n cheap,ashame n @dsame tym sorry for the couple whose day was stolen.

    • Nothing was stolen. Surprises could be in any form and can come in anyway. You shouldn’t feel cheap and ashamed, it’s a proposal for crying out loud

    • Babe he stole their day. It’s meant for them(couple) and not for anyone else; he can as well propose else where not be stealing their precious moments away from them.

    • More over speaking about adding more joy, is it by diverting attention away from the couple towards himself? No it’s completely wrong apply common reasoning to it.

  1. Public notice…oportunity comes bt once,atleas he dnt need to buy drinks for engagement party….na buhari cause am

  2. That was great i love it, that will make d couples day great, and a memorable one, deir friendship will bloom

  3. It is never appropriate. I’m gonna get him arrested if it were to be my wedding ceremony. U de mad?

  4. If he informed d couple earlier n they gave him d go ahead then its no problem but nobody should try this at my wedding o

  5. What’s is so special on ur wedding day DAT u will get him arrested for did he kill ur husband? Or wht? Abey ee go sleep.. @ Abdul jabber.

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  7. does proposes need to be a surprise like in the supermarket, on third mainland bridge, in Sambisa forest, in the zoo, and so on people just like wasting there time. I did mine inside my room

  8. Dat was amazing truly romantic. He did nothing wrong, it even adds to d fun of d wedding. come to think of it if couples don’t want this kind of tin on their wedding day den y does d bride throw her flower to d next lucky gal?

  9. Engagement can b done any wer nt only on bed….fr does of u who thinks he is wrong he is proud of her dats y he did so

  10. It will mak my day memorable…I will really love it wen my Hubby Bestie propose to his lady on my day…it gonna mak d party more fun..IT Super Appropriate jor

  11. To me efritin has its time. I think dats d best tyme d best man can show his gal ow muc he appreciate ha. n dats it.