Art & Humour Bestman Proposes To His Girlfriend At His Friend’s Wedding

Bestman Proposes To His Girlfriend At His Friend’s Wedding


A bestman decided to get serious as he stole the show at his friend’s wedding over the weekend by proposing to his sweetheart in front of the surprised guests……….And of course, the shocked lady accepted his proposal and said YES to him.



  1. Lol. Nope. The couple will even be happy it happened on their wedding day I met my husband on my friends wedding day in 2009..I was her chief bridesmaid…she no dey gree me rest. Lol Always teasing me about.. If not for her!!!

  2. Mehn u are a Mega staaaaaar.I wish my man will propose to me at d airport. Kudos to u,I wish u a happy wed luck and a lot of kids around ur dining table

  3. Its even a blessing to his friend(groom) cuz its tru his ceremony he also got blessed with a woman

  4. Very corny!! Except they both previously agreed to play act just to be on Facebook or YouTube. A beautiful marriage proposal doesn’t necessarily translate into a beautiful marriage. Considering the high number of failed marriages, a marriage proposal should never be taken lightly. Except there’s been prior discussion and agreement it shouldn’t be done publicly just to garner Facebook likes. If not, the girl is put in a tight spot that only very brave ones can get out of. Otherwise she accepts to the applause of onlookers only to face the music alone afterwards.

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