General (Photo) Benue lawmaker made to kneel down and apologise to Governor Ortom

(Photo) Benue lawmaker made to kneel down and apologise to Governor Ortom


A Benue State House of Assembly member representing Kwande East State Constituency, Hon. James Gbande was allegedly forced to kneel down and apologise to Governor Samuel Ortom.

The 61 year old was on his knees after he accused the governor of not doing enough to bring an end to incessant attacks by Fulani herdsmen.


James Gbande hails from Injorov-Turan in Kwande local Government Area, was born on 2nd June, 1956.

Source – Benue News


  1. If this is true then I think it’s high time we stop the abuse and limitation to of our right to freedom of speech and if this is not complied with we should involve in a hullabaloo if the government act against our words… It’s tantamount to stupidity and not in accordance to the laws of democracy… Instead of them doing what we put them there to do they are busy diverting their attention and instead to consider things that are meant to be factual and ethical but they end up criticising… God help Nigeria

  2. dis is shameful to nigeria democracy da person o beg should no be relected bcos e canno dfend is people

  3. The man is just a coward, going to kneel down and beg cos u said the truth, wat a national disgrace, if ur my dad I will disown u wit immediate alacrity. Dumb ass politicians. Just like one guy dat was intervied he said dey should do mass burial for our bad leaders, dat would have been nice.

    • My sister, What an old man sees sitting down, you can not see it, even when you climb on a tree. Is like u have not heard of assassination before or even blackmail. Only the wise will understand.

    • Bros forget ur proverb, this one na national disgrace, if him just beg am nah diff tin but, to com kneel down dat one na fuck up, Even God wey own our live, how many times we dey kneel down ask for forgiveness? The man don mess up end of story.

  4. That shows what our leaders are after…… Their pride is more important to them….they did not even address the issue he talked about o buh are quick in punishing the man…. God save dis country

  5. We no get freedom of speech. Infact fundamental human right…which kind of human being will ask a fellow man like him to kneel in public????? Wickedness amongst so called leaders…. So far, I HV only been seeing abominable acts like ds in buhari regime… Mtchew

  6. Robish 4 wat he is not taking any action on dis so call fulanis y are neeling down 4 apologies stand 4 ur right de are killing ur people den u we not talk 4 wat

  7. Nigeria democracy…. Why would a lawmaker made to kneel to beg a state governor? Na wa ooh

  8. Why will he beg. This world is a clock ooh hmmmm , may almighty God make them see the truth. I support that Motion of the mass burial. Leaders my foot.

  9. he knws wah did was wrong..his just been humble and sincere,but it doesn’t mean u should kneel down…na ur God?

  10. No be only wrong, some one can not express himself again. Him for tell am make him build himself carry go hour go worship. Dis government are so annoying

  11. God is watching. It’s just 4yrs only they think that they are untouchable but God will touch very hard


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