Technology #Bendgate: The Latest Feature/Defect of iPhone 6 Plus

#Bendgate: The Latest Feature/Defect of iPhone 6 Plus


Reports have it that no Apple product launch is ever complete without a major design flaw as this is the case of the newest iPhone 6 Plus that comes with a ‘bendy’ feature.

Well, it appears that thin and sleek is not always a good thing as some iPhone 6 Plus users are learning the hard way.

Numerous reports appeared online citing multiple iPhone 6 Plus users who suffered accidental bending beyond repair while carrying the handset in their pockets.

Many users who recently shelled out big bucks for the iPhone 6 Plus are upset as a result of this and Apple is not willing to replace the bent iPhones.

The situation has turned into something of a PR nightmare for Apple, Inc., as Twitter users have
already bestowed a hashtag onto the issue.

#Bendgate has been trending on Twitter, with many consumers
complaining about their defective phones. Tweeters wasted no time in lamenting the problem.

Apple, Inc. sure has some explaining to do however they’re yet to respond to the issue officially.


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