Weird and Strange Who believes this Shocking Story?

Who believes this Shocking Story?


Who believes this Shocking Story? I was reading one of my favourite blog when i cam across this schocking story on the site.

I was at the saloon today and heard this strange story. A woman walked in and everyone was telling her God is good and all.So the woman sat down and was gisting her friend who owns the saloon on how she survived and what I heard shocked me. I rarely believe stories like this but the woman sounded so genuine..

According to her, she was on her way on to Ibadan when the car she was in lost control and they had an accident at night. The accident killed 4 occupants  but her.
.She said she struggled to come out of the car and lay down, weak waiting for help…suddenly she saw a snail running as fast as a rat..It went to the bodies of those who died and started licking the blood .She said she was scared and shocked,and still dazed from the accident.
 She watched the snail become stagnant and so she used a piece of her wrapper to cover it.
Suddenly, a woman driving a jeep came to a halt and just as she wanted to signal at her, the woman picked up her phone and said
Yes baba I’m there now. The accident has happened and everyone is dead…She then came to the scene and looked to be searching the floor in a hurry. She then said
 I can’t see it oh.There is no snail here.Hope you didn’t lie to me. There is no snail here just the dead people.
She suddenly rushed off into her car and sped off, and eventually help came and she told the man and friends who happened to be pastor’s about the snail.
They put it in a Ghana must go and took to Ibadan after calling emergency services…
The pastor who rescued her said he was calling his superior. They called them and prayed over the bag,when they opened it they saw the bag filled with money..Then some of the pastor’s said they should share it, because they are covered with the annointing, nothing will happen, their head was angry and said they should burn it. They burnt the bag with the money..
Who believes these kind of things happen?


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