Entertainment News #BBNaija: Shade to TBoss? DJ Xclusive Played the National Anthem during the...

#BBNaija: Shade to TBoss? DJ Xclusive Played the National Anthem during the House party


#BBNaija: Shade to TBoss? DJ Xclusive Played the National Anthem during the House party

Yesterday Night was the housemate’s final Saturday Party and DJ Exclusive killed it with jam songs before throwing a shade at TBoss.

DJ Exclusive played all the Housemates Songs, From See Gobbe (The one they recorded in the house), to Debie-Rise’s Song (No cunny cunny), to Efe’s Song and that of Bisola’s.

Marvis was allowed to rap with the mic to Style Plus – Call my name.. But when it came to TBoss’ turn, he played the National Anthem!

The party was kicked off by DjXclusive with some familiar tunes which the Housemates gyrated to, most notably was Bisola’s songs which opened the flood gates of mad tunes. And if the Housemates got goose flesh from dancing to Bisola’s songs, they got even more ruckus when Efe’s song was played to which he mimed to.

#BBNaija: Shade to TBoss? DJ Xclusive Played the National Anthem during the House partyThe DJ took a short break to introduce his guest “Ike Chuks” to the housemates and as he walked in, he quickly went into his first song of the night titled “Man Down” to which the Housemates danced to. By his second track titled “Do Proper ft Dotman”, Ike Chuks brought in his back up dancers and they literally set the stage on fire with their killer dance moves to the amusement and enjoyment of the Housemates.

Just as his Ike’s set ended, DjXclusive resumed proceedings with the hit song “See Gobbe” by the BBNaija Housemates which was followed by Debie-Rise’s single which sent her into a frenzy as she mimed her song duly accompanied by the Housemates. Another Efe track saw him jump on stage with a paper microphone to mime the track, also accompanied by the Housemates shouting out the chorus.

DjXclusive took the Party to the next level as he took the Housemates on a musical journey by playing some nostalgic tunes from yester years which got a rapturous response from the Housemates as they sang along to the familiar party bangers. He also introduced a musical game for them where he would play a familiar tune and once the Housemates started singing along, the track would be switched to another one and so on.

It seemed like the party wasn’t going to end anytime soon but after two hours, Biggie called time to the Party by playing the Nigerian National Anthem to which they all stood at attention.

See videos below:


  1. YeSsssss oooooooo I love it biggy didn’t put full camera on her side……ojoro family

  2. Nah dem sabi Finally today will put a stop to all this rubbish so dat we all will come back to reality #recession

    • Lolzz Are you sure u really no what has been happening there, and what is meant to happen today…..Hahaha #lastdaythings#

    • Tboss is connected to bb9ja, that was y she hasn’t been evicted but she can never win.she gave smth to Niaja B4 d payportr gavem.winner, Efe,bisola,debby-rise!!!!!! Or

    • Nothing will shock me. We all knew biggy plans &Tboss gave Niaja smth which we don’t kw what’s inside….

    • Tboss and biggy have something in common, biggy is a rich dude let him save himself and his investment d shame and give d money to Efe den after d program he can give tboss some of his profit as his girlfriend, BBN give Efe his birth right

  3. It is well….she is a celebrity already. National anthem or no national anthem. Pple r jst crucifying her as if they love Nigeria so much. Who Nigeria don EPP? Let’s look at it more realistic ally, we don’t even like ds present government.. And una wan kill d girl bcos of hatred..

    • Nigerian help me becs am a citizen.is there reality in what Tboss did by given Niaja stuff???? 1st BB9ja with ojoro

    • Lolz,people can be so daft. Did you say that we should leave as who Nigeria epp? Make sure you don’t teach your children the national anthem,Mumu people every where. If you can’t sing it then say so #mbok#

    • Heartrite Shatty Ozmac u don’t come online to insult pple especially d ones u have no idea of. Watch wat u write gurl. I have seen ur own discipline

    • A Nigerian, married to a Nigerian man, living in the same Nigeria that’s sooooo”Bad”, and because of a stupid show that will surely end you devalue the pride of every citizen “Anthem” because your favorite mate embarrassed herself by flopping on National TV, you tackle people saying who our country “help”.. Now saying this politely, I have also seen your huge discipline..??

    • Abeg mk una dey una lane. If u can’t express urself without insulting someone ..I suggest u keep it to urself. Nobody is a child here and evryone has d very right to express an opinion whether it suits urs or not. Ds is a game abt to end today. If u have opprtunity to get close to anyone of dem, u may find out dey r totally different pple. U don’t kill someone jst like DT. Even u Osakwe Victor u wld like soemoen to believe in u even wen u make mistakes. There r mistakes u must HV made DT wld irritate me, my ability to understand DT u r human, makes me a human too….I made a comment, I may stand corrected but I will not and never accept insult from anyone.

    • I never insulted you dear??.. Please If I did, it was never my intention.. Do accept my apology..????.. Am sorry Uzoamaka Obiakor Peters

    • U don’t know me or ever seen me or know a fact about me, ds is jst Facebook… U don’t knw WHR I may meet u at all….u cnt be insulting evryone on ur way thru life’s lane. This life has taught me DT the world is a small place. Be kind to pple. Every single person make mistakes and yes dt is wat I will teach my children…to apply wisdom before they talk. To talk less and listen more. Where ever u r today, u met d help and kindness of so many pple. Be kind and use ur words carefully. I am not good at insulting pple…mumu, idiot, cow, fool…it won’t still turn d person into any of dese. I no get time o. I made my comment. If u feel there is something wrong Wf it, talk wisely and we will interact. Not coming Here to tell me u r king of quarells

    • na dis govment introduce national anthem com naija?? see as u fine bt com dey spit rubish

    • Lol……what did Tboss gave Niaja when they were going to play payporte Game….

    • So the present government initiated the national anthem.. Some people can be so delusive and misguided when arguing blindly… If you hate the present government kindly get cotonue visa naw come back by 2023

    • Pls help ask ooo, some people will so support others even after knowing d truth they want to turn it upside down. Pls let’s always try to be realistic, I don’t care who wins all d me is that d money should be given to whom deserves.

    • Uzoamaka i hope u can sing or recite national anthemn,if yes rest ur case.it might just b one of Tboss ways of getting more pple to know or talk abt her okay.

    • Am tired of people saying TBoss is hated. That I don’t like someone doesn’t mean I hate him/her. I jus prefer someone else. Who she b for the film to get that kinda emotion from us?

    • Uzoamaka Obiakor! the earlier you stop justifying nonsense the better for you. reciting of your national anthem is a duty and not an obligation.

    • Yeah! Where are all the #TeamEfe’s. Based on Logistics, am taking u guyz clubbing tonight. Am always on d winning team jhoor

  4. No one threw no shade at her. It was necessary that the party ends with a national anthem as it was the last party held in the house. Same way it was opened with a national anthem. Stop this unnecessary antagonism and hate! Reading irrelevant meaning into nothing

  5. Just to remind her how its sang. I hope she took a pen and paper to jot down the lyrics sha o

  6. Heard this morning a barrel of crude oil is nearing 70dollar per barrel… Are we still in recession?

  7. DJ xclusive didn’t take it that way, it was just the right thing he did pls stop all this nonsense n leave Tboss alone. Anyway Efe for the money

  8. She could not dance or even sing the national anthem again, what the heck was she doing on that show.

    • I left the secondary God knows when, I have not forgotten the national anthem. The issue is not her inability to recite the national anthem, we are not happy because of her dual nationality wish may imply that Romania is more important to her than Nigeria. The other housemates whose both patents are Nigerians could sing the national anthem.

  9. Lol she didn’t sing along…why nah?? Abi she never learn am??? Anyways the pari was hot joor.. i like it, still based on logistics…Efenation

    • Bisola told her to alway take positive things out of every situation Dj exclusive gave her opportunity to get it right on same national tv she clam Dibbie disgrace her but she refused to sing.

    • My dear is a pity o…nd some ppl were even saying that during their truth and dare maybe she forgot the lyrics..now dis recent show proves she doesn’t know the national anthem period, or she was trying to prove I de vex things.. hmm..

  10. my neighbor jus de repair hin generator incase NEPA take light nd am sure filling stations go sell market today bcus everybody wan watch today’s finals.

  11. All of u R BLAMING TBOSS here, but u forgot dat is not everybody here dat can sing d national anthem

  12. GistReel.com did DJ Exclusive told u personally that the Nigerian National Anthem he played yesterday night was to shade TBoss? Or you just want to throw your own Bomb thereby covering it with DJ Exclusive name? After today be sure that 99% of people following you will unfollow starting from me bcos your news are fake!!! Fake!! Fake!!!!!!! BossNation! Jah bless!!!!

  13. I just luved that national anthem part, I’m sure Tboss got the message….lol. But I thinks the national anthem was not for Tboss sha, I guess it was played cause it was the last party of the show

  14. Lol she felt bad I saw it in her eyes even Debbie rise was looking at her wit a style why singing de national anthem .

  15. Even if Efe didnot win, Tboss is not the next option. This is when l will not if BBnaija is corrupt.

  16. Dj xclusive thanks jare. but u only make Tboss fans know u r not for her. just wondering y u would sign the national anthem.#teamEfe

  17. So anywhere or maybe u were asked to recite the national anthem, it simply means that u’re shading Tboss abi?

  18. I loved the closing of the party oh! With the National Anthem part! But she still dey chop mouth join

  19. Base on logistic eh…. Without being told self, you will know that Dj Exclusive was #Efe fan! Waaaarrrrriiiii

  20. Can u imagine Tboss standing with other housemates singing d national anthem at d end of d party yesterday. If I were her I would have buried my face with shame. She still does not know d national anthem, hope you people saw her looking at d mouth of other housemates while singing d national anthem.

  21. Biggie will not stop amazing me, he won’ts his girlfriend to learn d national Anthem before going back 2 Romania. Ha ha ha abeg based on logistics Efe for d Molar

  22. Mtcheew. I stand with Tboss. Foolish dj. Who cares how you manage your beat. Personally for me I would have recite. Go to hell with ona national anthem

  23. I tink sumone based in Naija shld win d money becos spendin it or investin it here in our country boosts our economy

  24. Abeg how many of una wey fit sing the national anthem…. DJ exclusive play am e no sing abeg make person hear word

  25. Yeah! Where are all the #TeamEfe’s. Based on Logistics, am taking u guyz clubbing tonight. Am always on d winning team jhoor

  26. This is BBNija of course, and Exclusive just started d promotion of the national anthem so other ppl like d boss lady can learn. No big deal

  27. It is actually a great and useful piece of info. I am glad that you shared this helpful information with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.


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