Entertainment News #BBNaija: Kemen Disinvited From the Eviction Party for Ex-BBN Housemates in Lekki...

#BBNaija: Kemen Disinvited From the Eviction Party for Ex-BBN Housemates in Lekki (Photos)


#BBNaija: Kemen Disinvited From the Eviction Party for Ex-BBN Housemates in Lekki (Photos)Yesterday, Friday 10th March, ex big brother Housemates, Uriel, Cocoice, Gifty, Miyonse, Soma including fake housemates, Ese and Jon came together in a reunion party which took place in  No Chill Lounge in Lekki.

The party, hosted by DSTV, GOTV, went unhinged without the presence of disqualified big brother housemate, Kemen.

A few days ago, Kemen was invited to a interview session organized by the show’s sponsor Payporte and the online shopping mall faced a lot of backlash for apparently supporting a predator.

This backlash might have prompted the exemption of Kemen from the party including the non inclusion of his name on the official banner used to advertise the party.

See more photos below:

#BBNaija: Kemen was not Invited to the Eviction Party for Ex-BBN Housemates in Lekki (Photos)#BBNaija: Kemen was not Invited to the Eviction Party for Ex-BBN Housemates in Lekki (Photos)#BBNaija: Kemen was not Invited to the Eviction Party for Ex-BBN Housemates in Lekki (Photos)#BBNaija: Kemen was not Invited to the Eviction Party for Ex-BBN Housemates in Lekki (Photos)#BBNaija: Kemen was not Invited to the Eviction Party for Ex-BBN Housemates in Lekki (Photos)#BBNaija: Kemen was not Invited to the Eviction Party for Ex-BBN Housemates in Lekki (Photos)

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  1. Na waooo, since baba returned to the country, i noticed that news are no longer juicy, is this one also news

  2. I think its all fishy, why did they leave him out? Or just maybe he opted out, maybe he feels that guilt… He should just forget what happened and move on, be a man FFS

  3. well its for evicted housemates not disqualified housemates so there is a line drawn btw d two parties,then its obvious he isnt qualified to attend.its a simple mathematics

  4. He doesn’t belong there, He is missed at Bua Cement factory where he loads Cement bags on trailers.

  5. I will never touch a lady unless she tels me to. A lesson to all men. Now kemen’s reputation is in jeopardy

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  8. he is a exbbn housemate but not a condemned person Biggie plz help to Stop the discrimination,abeg b4 person pikin go commit suicide ooo!

  9. Jesus said if you know you have sin in any way,cast the stone on the adultery woman,every one disappear, Jesus went to her and say,go and sin no more ,so please you people should leave the young star alone for Christ sake.

  10. Kemen will remain a nice guy…despite dat incident bk in d house…he z a man nt a stick…could happen to anyone…nd…if he was DISQUALIFIED…as ppl say it…I dnt think bb will let his picture b in d house!…team #Tboss

  11. They all look beautiful but I think when someone misbehave the have to be a second chance for such a person instead of condemnation

  12. Is high time this guys invest their lives on something meaningful…. Haba,what’s this ex #BBN all about? Abeg make we hear word ooo

  13. Hello peeps,he has bin 4given by GOD or tboss alredi.Obviously he can’t b invited or even get endorsement cos dt stigma s alredy dere so pls stp all Dis comments alredi n move on,afta all na evicted Hms dey invite nt disqualified.

  14. I didnt support him while he was there…but am now supporting him now…its not like any of them is a saint

  15. Who made ya al judge over kemen? Atleast his got fame nd if his smart enough he can build himself up from here and we don’t even know u judges


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