Technology BBM for Android APK leaked +Download Link

BBM for Android APK leaked +Download Link


bbm-for-android1-210x350We’re getting extremely close to the “by the end of summer” date Blackberry promised us when mentioning the launch window for Blackberry Messenger. If a couple of previous leaks weren’t enough to convince you, then perhaps this useless APK that leaked today is. That’s right — you can download Blackberry Messenger for Android and install it right now.

The APK is actually quite useless as it won’t connect to Blackberry Services, the network used to push all these bits and bytes around in real time.

You’ll have to use it on a whitelisted device in order to get it to work, though we imagine there aren’t many of those running around far outside of Blackberry’s home country Canada at the moment

The application leaked on video a couple of weeks back, with one lucky user giving us a nice run through of everything we can expect. It’s full-on Blackberry, with the company’s design time ditching Holo for an experience that matches what you can find on their own devices.

You can download it anyway if you just want to check it out. download it here, poke it a few times,then let it rest as we await the real deal in a few days from today.


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