Trending News #BallerAlert!!! 7.4 Million Naira Receipt For Drinks Bought In Owerri Club!!!

#BallerAlert!!! 7.4 Million Naira Receipt For Drinks Bought In Owerri Club!!!


This is a bill of over N7million from last night at Club Opium, Cubana in Owerri, Imo state.

Zero recession in some people’s quarter actually.

Whose’ bae is this?

  1. Ogah Chris Onyedika Okwuoha, Ogbodo Ifeanyi Ability, Oludare Amos, Kamor Yomi Ibn Shobande, Paul Emmanuel Chinedu, Ashimolowo Rasheed, Felix Ehis Aikhuele, Nwosu Benjamin Uche, John Tolulope Idris, Tbase Jones, Emeka Ezeh King Master, Nnamani Henry Emeka, Fredsunny Fredsunny, Temi Martins, Adewale Ishola Fourunner, Sam T Obi, Abayomi Adekunle Ralph, Ifab Olamide Here is her boyfriends….. Lolzzzz

  2. Don’t be so sure … anyone can make receipt and write shits on it, trying to make the limelight. And who says that receipt is real? Don’t always believe all you see, even sometimes salts looks like ground sugar from a far

  3. I don get alert, na Godwin. Friends help me and thank Gistreel for crediting my account. Gistreel for life.

  4. Am I the only one who wishes I owned the club. I just sold a few bottles of alcohol for 7.4m. If I sold some more bottles to other customers, I will have like two houses in my village

  5. O m gee….what a lie…haba Its too much na Chai..there is God ooo since you were not informed too

  6. If they burst the empty bottle on a poor man’s head in January 2017,will the person blow before March????

  7. Its a blurtant lie,I refuse to believe DAT,its true DAT men spend a whole lot in club but definitely not DAT amount,notorious liars

  8. The level and height of your stupidity is as high as mountain everest. Idiot, no homeless people on the street of wherever you come from?? No less privileged people around you?? You have never heard of IDP camps or NGOs??? No motherless baby homes you know?? No hungry single mothers around you??? The thunder that will fire you for being this irresponsible is still on training in ISIS camp, Zombie.

  9. Am sure if this bae is among Solomons wife… Solomon will eventually sell all his gold to feed other wives…. Bae werey