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Nigerian singer, Baba Dee took to Facebook to slam Davido for calling Dele Momodu his boy.

Baba Dee wrote,

“I feel the need to share this since we have become a country that glorifies criminality and celebrate ill acquired wealth, the bullshit if not curb will come back to mock all man in the face.

I respect Oga Dele Momodu and I will not dare insult him or someone in his generation as a well brought up ‘Yoruba boy’, but I must say its a shame that a kid like Davido don’t have any qualms with making a statement like ‘Dele na my boy’.

‘Sounds like something he heard from his dad. Visibly mocking Bob Dee after the child trafficking drama, with Uncle Dele paring the insult from this juvenile. May be because of his ties with his father or what he had benefited from his dad in the past’.

Its time we Yorubas return to our ‘Omoluabi culture‘, a culture that celebrates decency, respect for self and for elders, a culture that values good name over gold and silver. Please my friends in the media stop celebrating thieves, 419ers and drug pushers, avoid stupid headlines like ‘Lagos big boy acquires…’ the handout they give you won’t ever make you rich but your headline will pollute our society and the conscience of the youth. Call a thief a thief so their children can know that their Papa na thief and we no send thief.”

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