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AY Reunites with University Sweetheart Who Allegedly Dumped Him Because He was Poor



Some days ago, a social media user on Facebook narrated an inspirational story of how Comedian AY Makun was dumped by his university girlfriend after he had rejected a N200,000 offer from the man with whom the ex-lover left with.

Comedian AY has however cleared the air on the matter as he noted that he is still in good terms with the lady.

AY identified the lady as Bimbo Olukoya, and also confirmed that the woman is now a mother of 3.

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He wrote on his Instagram page: “I read on some Nigerian blogs how my girlfriend @bimbomakun_olukoya dumped me in the university because of one rich man. I wish to let you all know that we are still very much together. My wife @midas_interiors approves of our relationship… and she has grown from that campus girlfriend of mine to become a proud mother of 3 lovely kids #getyourfactsright”

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  1. My sister you should have received sense and believe in a brother that had big future but the people from your village will just not let you be!!.They pursued you to the extent that you left a correct sure guy!!.chaai!!

  2. Some of these ladies are wicked….if not that Ay loves you, he shouldn’t have gone for you.

  3. When you dating a man date him for the future not present situation… A man that ll be great in life u ll see it in his present activities. I op ladies learn from this, something its good for such to happen it really helps man to buckle up

    • Ya i agree wit u, one shouldn’t just date, bt study nd thus, imagine a certain character in a future nd weigh d look! (competency).

  4. Most lady’s love because of money or leave their sweetheart because he don’t have money which is very bad because you don’t know who will be the king tomorrow

  5. Some of dis bitches wt stitches will come up here to act better…some of ya in her shoes will do worst …it teks a really strong woman wt vision to look beyond d present n build wt a nigga….n mind u not all d dude appreciate such women…

  6. The lady took the best option left for her @ that time. In marriage, her family have a say & they can frustrate the hell out her not marry omo alawada (jester). Face reality, almost all ladies want comfort like wise their family. Romeo & Juliet ends in boyfriend & girlfriend. Look @ the 2 pictures, it shows that they parted ways becos of forces beyond them. The lady done shop up, but AY still look same apart from cloth. (Lol). This Celeb always think that most us their fans hv coconut brain. He didn’t protect the Lady in his reply to the blogger that is not fair. Even AY himself wud allow his dota to man the son of vulcaniser no mater the boy course of study. This is reality when status is created.

  7. This is a super story all because AY is now a somebody. If a lady leaves you as an hustler, keep the fire burning and expect a surprise meet with her when you become SOMEBODY!

  8. I don’t know why people will not mind their business. How does that concern them if his ex dump him for any reason

  9. D lady in d pic is AY sister not girlfriend pls Nigeria make una dey give us right news abeg

  10. Can you blame her for dumping AY then, most girl would have done the same. No girl want to be with a guy that is broke,they only fail to realise that the future holds greater things Am very sure this one would be regreting now lowkey…

  11. That’s wat happened when U leave a man With vision to marry a man with television and a day will come When U watch a man with vision in ur husband television thou most men will dumb U for another girl even after suffering with them, can’t really blame d girl shaa

  12. If am in hz shoe I wouldn’t do dat,which kind love b dat,she might even later on dump him again

  13. Yes .love s patience…but these days love hardly exists…without money a man hardly get a wife


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