News As Donald Trump Slides To Victory In US Presidential Elections, Nigerians Call...

As Donald Trump Slides To Victory In US Presidential Elections, Nigerians Call Out TB Joshua Over Hillary Win Prediction!



A few days ago founder of Synagogue of Church of All Nations, Prophet TB Joshua predicted that he had foreseen the identity of the next U.S. president 10 days previously, predicting that the new office holder would face multiple trials.

He took to his Facebook page,

Ten days ago, I saw the new President of America with a narrow win. The new President will be facing several challenges over many issues, including: passing bills, attempts to possibly pass a vote of no confidence on the new President. The boat of the new President will be rocked.

By the way, in order not to keep you in suspense, what I frankly saw is a woman.

In light of yesterday’s US elections and the shocking victory which is swinging in Donald Trump‘s favour to become the next President, beating Democratic candidate – Hillary Clinton, Nigerians have turned to Prophet TB Joshua for answers.

See the tweets

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  1. Unfortunately America is not country like Nigeria where you already know your next president even months before the election.. White house is not Aso Rock and there is no Obasanjo and Co in the US that would have given you hint on what and who they have planted.. His predictions has been based on informations not from God.

  2. dnt mind prophet TB joshua….he likes 2 play nijabet,,he just predicted a match btw arsenal(hillary clinton) nd man u(donald trump)….which evrbody no’s who wil loose!!

  3. don’t judge, don’t condemn, comment on things u know. spiritually we all are baby,remember we have no right to judge because JESUS is d only JUDGE. TB joshua is prophet he is touch not u can only condemn him u can’t harm d more u condemn him d more he grow higher. add meaning to life think of thing that will build u spiritually.

    • This is how you guyz crown evil in a broad day light just becos of sentiment. He gave a fake prophecy and you are here telling us whom to judge and whom not to judge.who cares?

    • Am just shocked at d way Nigerian’s reason, call a spade a spade we keep promoting evil, God is not an author of confusion, don’t speak when God did not ask u to and when u are faking things remove d name of God please.

    • Miracle money your drive a nice car or living luxury house is all the talk at church no more God

    • you dey craze smbdy like u don’t know Jesus Hilary nd Obama is anti Chris Y should tb Joshua predict for the if his not their collig

    • He has been criticized a very long time ago but yet no real prophet with gift to confront this man… He loves and cares he has power to heal and deliver through Christ. Be familiar with ur Bible and u will know what happen to him about this prophecy is from God. God do his things d way he likes

  4. When sme prophets start seeing themselves as God….when God wants to disgrace you….He will do it in d most fashionable way….hehehehe…i no fit shout

  5. All those stupid human being that can’t wait on to God but always believe in pastors is good for them. I can’t go or believe in any pastors that is wonders like or more than Jesus Christ. I don’t blame him I blame all the foolish that are looking for miracle.

    • Y insulting people, pray that God doesn’t put u in the shoes of some of those people, when you will be desperate for something, every human most one day come to that trial in life, pray urs doesn’t get worse.

    • Hmmmmm madam…. Is because of people like you things are getting worst in Nigeria… Those are doing fake Miracle and you are there saying I’m insulting man of God.those pastors do miracles than Jesus Himself. By the way read my comment very I did not insult any man of God

    • And mine will not get worst because I believe in God Almighty and I serve only Jesus Christ. I don’t go around churches and look for miracles. Or believe in any human being on earth, so I’m not desparte because God’s time is the best for my life ok

    • People worship pastors dis days not God. Faith Okwuole who says God ll nt answer u wen u pray alone? If u really kW Jesus Christ I assure u,u wouldn’t need any priest or pastor to pray ursef out any problem.

    • My dear Ure Okeke pls dnt blame anyone,wat we re always praying 4 is let wat is not stronger dan us never come across us…I personally don’t believe in all dis pastors with there miracles but if u check d oda way round frustration has destroyed so many soul which pushed dem to dat…God will help us human in Jesus name, Amen

    • I should not blame anyone but why are you blaming to say so? Sharon Amaka Ezeh Onyenememe. I don’t like people that are hypocrite, especially we women of today small problem in our marital home we carry it to pastors without searching for solution ourself. because she looking for immediat solution, miracles. All those people cause their own frustration my dear. The truth is always better and unacceptable.

  6. If you know the difference btwn “Prophecy”&”Prediction” you have no reason to blame the man of God…

    • Oya oga educate us. As far as am concern God prophecy can never is obvious tb Joshua predicted,s no prophecy

  7. Fake prophecy/prophet instead of him 2 stick 2 his religion arena or institution he is den creating awareness in politics like fada mbaka,i wonda if dey want 2 bcom politians after acquiring does moneys 4rom prophecies & miracles.

  8. Is he the only man of God that predicted Hillary’s winning? God has a way of working things out. Let’s keep our finger crossed

  9. TB JOSHUA… The MOST HIGH GOD is not happy with you you have the last chance to repent or face his wrath…

  10. See ur life now, u don’t need to talk what u don’t even see, if u are a man of God u need to be very careful about ur tongue, in one minute God can change what u plane or what u think it would be happen

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  12. He has been criticized a very long time ago but yet no real prophet with gift to confront this man… He loves and cares he has power to heal and deliver through Christ. Be familiar with ur Bible and u will know what happen to him about this prophecy is from God. God do his things d way he likes

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  14. All of u saying this trash about this man I pity u even in ur next-generation u will never be like this man how many life have u change what are ur values on this earth what do u use your time for is it to destroy or to impact what will people remember u for pls and pls even if TB Joshua is a demon or a man of God Pls allow God to judge him.

    • amarachi na u get ur mouth u r free to say any tin u lik he said is trump he saw but trump dressed wit skirt nd blues mumu u don’t no that Obama Hillary nd tb is all anti Christ

  15. This is the mistake that has been made right from the beginning, when a Pastor perform Miracles or make prophecies in the name of the lord…People tend to misunderstand that the power doesn’t come from him but God, these days we seek the hand of a mere pastor on our head instead of the word of God in our hearts, but still we have no right to judge…Let God have the final say…

  16. Dnt juge only God know what he did prophet TB JOshua is my father and i trust him what i know stop Gossip about a man of God

  17. Watch your tongue! Watch your tongue!! Watch your tongue!!! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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