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APC to Create Restruturing Committee



Nigeria’s ruling party, APC has consented to address the issue of restructuring currently being requested by various political gatherings and prominent people. The issue was examined by the party’s leader and governors in a meeting at the Imo Governor’s Lodge, Abuja, on Thursday.

The party leaders and governors agreed to set up a specialized board of trustees this week to deal with affairs related to restructuring the nation.

A governor present at the meeting said that after the board of trustees’ work, the gathering would summon another meeting to marshal out a path forward.

Quoting Him

“Of course, we discussed the Anambra governorship election, especially the threat to the election by IPOB, and the leaders of the APC in the South-east who attended the meeting assured us that the boycott was not going to have any effect.”

The National Chairman of the APC, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, after the meeting told newsmen:

“We discussed issues affecting the nation and the impact of the current wave of agitations across the country.We decided to strengthen the party. We decided that the kind of verbiage and incendiary statements by different groups were not good for the health of the nation and we decided that it had to stop

“For that reason, we have taken certain measures, which I will not disclose here, to ensure that the basic and fundamental unity of this country is preserved while at the same time listening to whatever grievances anybody has to say.”

The development has been addressed with much applause as it will end the various agitations of division currently threatening the nation’s unity.




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