Art & Humour Another optical wahala… Whats the color of this Beyonce’s outfit?

Another optical wahala… Whats the color of this Beyonce’s outfit?


Last night, Beyonce stepped out in this lovely gown for a family dinner with Jay Z and their daughter.

The internet is however going crazy about the colour of the gown. Some see blue others see purple. What color do you see?



  1. That doesn’t make u a heaven citizen so keep it ur self. Ur not the only virgin on earth

  2. This is a deep blue but my brothers and sisters including gistreel blog…this one no be news ooo find news give us abeg Or I go snap my own pics with complicated dress and post mine

  3. .. This pregnancy gown…. there is nothing more beautiful like a pregnant woman with a ring on her finger, unlike some of our sister who are pregnant with a ring on their nose n leg

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  5. And how does this reduce the recession in Nigeria? Abeg I de hungry no disturb me with Beyonce matter!!!!

  6. If you like see red She snapped different colours of same designed gown yesterday in Instagram

  7. Bluish purple (violet). Blue dey inside, purple dey inside; Case closed. Next please!

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  9. Why will someone say this color is blue or purple… Its actually orange red. Nonsense make Una go get sense n give us good gist

  10. What business do I have with the colour? She can walk around naked if she likes. Its not her first time


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