Art & Humour Angry Woman Beats Husband Silly in Public for Cheating on Her

Angry Woman Beats Husband Silly in Public for Cheating on Her



A woman has left people shocked after she brutally beat up her husband for cheating on her with another woman. The brutal fight recorded by the neighbours took place in public.
The poor man was pummeled on the floor as the woman landed many blows on his body. People watched as the drama unfolded and some cheered the woman on.
The video posted by worldstarhiphop has generated comments and reactions from people.
Someone commented: “I don’t even see how dudes be letting the chick put hands on em, you touch me to aggressively I’m choking you out……period .
“Pipe for super hero niggas who hate minding there own business – nigga this would never happen to.”
Another added: “Damn… I want to beat my baby daddy ass so fucking bad but I’m still on Probation for trying to run over ex.”
Someone else said: “Personally I don’t think he wanted to fight her cause he would had gotten. Locked up for hitting her. But really it ain’t that serious.u want a monogamous relationship but don’t expect when u get in a relationship it’s an automatically monogamous.”
Watch video below:
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