News Angry Lady Shatters Boyfriend’s G-Wagon After Falsely Accusing Him of Impregnating A...

Angry Lady Shatters Boyfriend’s G-Wagon After Falsely Accusing Him of Impregnating A Sidechick



Comedian, Ali Baba posted a screenshot of chat messages from a friend who’s presently in a dilemma with his girlfriend who accused him of impregnating another woman.

According to the comedian:

“I don’t know how to advise my guy… He says I should help him ask without adding any names. “What if she reads the postings online? I asked him. “Then she will know if I am right or wrong to have packed her out of my flat and ended the relationship”. Please note, if you have no advice to give don’t comment. Insults will be deleted. Please read the chats before commenting. Don’t be asking me what the guy did. She said it all there. To make this clearer, her friends told her that her Bobo was responsible for impregnating a lady. So she went gaga. Then found out it was not her Bobo. At which time, she had been thrown out and she then realized that the girls who claimed to be protecting her from getting hurt (which may be true) did not investigate properly. So things became bad. And got worse when she broke the driver side glass of his Gwagon with a flower pot. Now it had become clear he wasn’t the person responsible. Those friends have apologized that they “thought he was the one”… That is the root of all this apology. My Guy’s argument is if she had a gun and shot him that night, what will these apologies be for????”

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  1. I read this story on Linda Ikeji blog yesterday n I shed tears wen i saw d damage d so called friends of this lady had done to her n how she herself fell flat to have traded Gold for “panda”. It reminded me of how foolishly I left Guinness with all d goodness embedded in it for me to live my life to d fullest only to become a wanderer and a beggar on d street n at d end, ended up working n associating with saddists, demons, principalities, witches n wizardaries in the whole of Lagos for 25 years. My prayer is dat God will help her. It is a lesson learnt in a hard way. Lord will guide n give us wisdom.

  2. While I agree that she was too fast in admitting what she was told. I still do not really blame her for her action. Many of us are likely to act same only few can deal with such maturely. I will say the man should forgive her except she has other insane history


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