News American man Calls Out Lady Who Stole $3,400 From Him…

American man Calls Out Lady Who Stole $3,400 From Him…


A distraught American, has called out a Kenyan lady who stole his valuables, offering $2,ooo for her arrest.

He took to Facebook to share information about the things stolen by the woman identified as Njeri Kamau.

In his Facebook post, the American known as Mr. Forrester claimed Njeri vanished with his wallet which contained important documents and $3400 in cash. According to him he could care less about the cash, all he needs back are his documents.

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  1. A b*tch will always be a b*tch!;just hope you ain’t dealing with a nasty bad b*tch!!

  2. Really? So you want us to pity you abi? I don’t know why these American people always think Nigerian girls as cheap people. You had that kind of money and you think the best thing is to carry woman probably at the end of the whole show, you might just reluctantly give her $10, Mtcheeeew, serves you right.

  3. Dont mind the idiot, he has finished sampling the girl and the girl simple him wallet and he is here taking thrash.

  4. favour oshioma don’t be stupid that $3400 can make you a billonaire if you utilise it well

  5. That one too small… Is it that the american man has no job to do but to carry women around? Well, the lady is gone, she is gone. So, calling out is just a waste of time. How did u think she can be found. You are on ur own

  6. Eyyyaaa so what do u want us to do about it . Dis is just d first chapter of ur life . Next time she go thief u join .

  7. Lolz… Serves him right… Nigerian ladies are not rags that u can use and throw away. They are also trickish and sneaky oh…


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