News Ailing veteran actor Prince James Uche evicted from hospital over debt..needs your...

Ailing veteran actor Prince James Uche evicted from hospital over debt..needs your help!


According to his son, they were evicted from the hospital over his inability to pay hospital bills. Please help. Prince James Uche – Zenith Bank -1001063788 …or For more info call Emeka Ojukwu – 08023200557…

  1. Hmmm….this is wat am saying..some of them are busy flauntinq multi million mansions….if this man dies, they will start donating money for the deceased children, Lets help ourselves when we’re still alive…plzzz..•••

  2. This is really bad. This has been on the media for a while now and I thought with the amount of attention it has drawn, this man should already be flocked with helpers but the reverse is the case. Well, may God help him.

  3. People will love you and respect you when its beneficial “in Nicki minaj voice” I cried when I watch the video of his eviction just 15mill celebs can’t help

  4. So sad…. I love u Prince James Uche…. I pray u live… God will never forgive ur colleagues that Neva came to ur aid… U re a good man… God keep u

  5. There is really no love among our celebrities, they are concerned about owning millions and millions of perishable assets while their colleague dies, hmmm

  6. Jesus! Wat a country! Actors guild abi actors rubbish n nonsense of Nigeria may God have mercy on u pple, some are riding ranger over some wat do d call all these cars God forbid evil money, acquiring d whole wealth n u can’t help ur brother man pathetic

  7. Pls were re this guys buying cars worth millions for thier girl friends and even people like tonto dike her husband recently bought her a prado jeep nd toyota hilux latest model cant you see this man and u claim to be born again. What about those ones that spend money in churches your pastor nd this man who needs it most? Sowing to the pastor alone is not the best way to give infact thats not giving its dashing. Nollywood i heard u people made more money last year than other years why cant u help one of your own? Think about this….. why not help this man wen he gets better you can put the story together then u have a new movies that will have have good impact in the lifes some people.

    • i read the other day dat Tonto Dike’s wedding ring is abt 2m pure gold. but see their colleague dieying in pain. The industry no get shame.

  8. What a mockery to the nollywood non can truly help M disappointed with al your riches

  9. where are his fellow actors? All of them can raise the money but refuse to and spending it on earthly things. Yes I know its your hard earned money but its a shame to hear that your fellow actor is evicted from the hospital

  10. Our film directors,actors, artists and actresses all of you can not help a soul ,am greatly disappointed in you guys it is a shameful thing ,tuffiakwa

  11. Pete Edochie should do something about this, James has been his boy and him godfather to James. So please. .

  12. James Uche without people like him, there won’t be all these famous actors in nollywood. All the big girls and boys in nollywood save an icon s life please.

  13. Pls for those DAT have this moni help him. I cried my eyes out when I saw d video of him leaven d hospital. Nigerian’s u need to see our beloved James uche . please am joining his son to ask for help Jesus have mercy for d sake of his poor son. Pls where are they now?