Art & Humour Photo Of The Day Aged Women Drinking Beer At A Burial Ceremony In Enugu State (Photo)

Aged Women Drinking Beer At A Burial Ceremony In Enugu State (Photo)


This is actually the trend in the eastern part of Nigeria.

A Facebook user shared these photos of some aged women drinking beer at a burial ceremony in Akama Oghe, Ezeagu LGA of Enugu State.

According to him, everyone in the community including women and children drink beer like water…



  1. Nothing is wrong with it, so far she doesn’t take too much of it, So gistreel na my state e carry una enter this morning abi?

  2. Wetin concern us, will it change the recession or force dumb ass Buhari to hand over to Osibanjo formally? Abegee

  3. See me ooo! abeg allow mama dem make them catch fun. Nothing is wrong with that, as long as they don’t take it too much.

  4. We only promote new and verified ponzi sites here..

  5. See me see wahala, why u dey cut ur liver for other people matter? Na u buy the shack fr them abii they resemble mamas frm ur location?? I beginning carry ur ashirii waka make I see road vote for Efe wey be d truth of f matter !!!! Amiboooo!!!!

  6. Hahaha. I have seen it before. An old woman shouting, give me 33, I have taken star but I have not tasted 33 since I come.

  7. So you have not seen this before? They drink it but they don’t take too much to make them high.. Now please look for another news biko

  8. There is noting bad, they are not babies they all adults above 18 so we should just encourage them to drink responsibly.

  9. Already we know, it’s their hobby in that state, old people drinking, what a fucking life, dey will be like.. oh dat woman just died like dat, what a pity………….. ☝ uncle pls can I get a bottle of Bear …. Dey will continue dia fake cry.

  10. They call it alcohol. Its same in the NigerDelta creeks. I love them, bcos they doesn’t smoke cigarette like those aged mothers in Katsina & other parts in the North.

  11. Gistreel u have come with stupidity this time around.. what is wrong with drinking beer again or how else is it supposed to be consumed if not by drinking? The people in the pic are not under age at all rather they are adults and they know what they want. Besides is there any woman in any state if this country that dosent consume beer? Hope u know taking people’s pictures to internet without their consent is big OFFENCE.

  12. The funny part of it is that they don’t care if it is cold or hot….and na them dey cry pass for burial

  13. Wat is bad in it. Na ur money dey take by d drink. Leave our mummies to enjoy after the stress d children n hubys put them tru at home.

  14. They are not jus good in singing high life…buh they also live a high life…respect to momma’s

  15. This is Nigeria, anything is possible,… infact nothing surprises me anymore in this country,..

  16. What is my business and for your information that drink is not alcohol. It’s soft drink called sprite 60cl

  17. Wait o…wht is wrong in taking star on burials??? Do they look drunk in Una eye…Gistreal make Una mind Una self o

  18. And so!!! So far dey don’t take too much of it wetin una want abeg make una chill na my state oooo.


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