General Lady Shows Off Her Before & After Skin Colour Transformation

Lady Shows Off Her Before & After Skin Colour Transformation



A User, Tega Dominic posted these photos on Instagram and said in the past 6 years, she went from this skin colour to this!

According to her, she’s not even done yet. Her words:

Am not there yet o, am still going, u can screen grab, print it out and put in your wallet ?, am still that fine calabar gial… #mrsX



  1. Why did u change ur back skin ur back is very beautiful before now u look like something s pls go back to ur before look

  2. D former 2010 is more beautiful. Ugly 2016. Instead of you to maintain God giving colour He gave u.

  3. A confused human being. Igbehin lo ma ye oloku ada. Meaning, in the end person with a blunt edge cutlass would regret.

  4. Her natural colour is beautiful, more over the effects of bleaching will still tell in the later future

  5. Hahahaha, for all those condemning her wash ur self too that u are not a victim, go check ur pics of 2010 & 2016 if there’s no transformation, and if there’s none then fast or call for special prayers lol.

  6. What she did wasn’t good cuz she’s saying God I don’t like my colour Am sure its bleaching things going on

  7. After skin colour. I ll b here when they will still be sending pix, of may be, skin disease, pls help this lady,she has skin infection, all as a result of her bliching . May God still forgive nd have mercy on u,

  8. I hold nothing against anybody that wants to change his or her colour but to be candid, she was finer in 2010.

  9. Hmmmmmm I pity for her and many of them out there, they don’t no that black is the best because it shows that you are real Nigerian person.

  10. I don’t believe transformation is when a lady changes her colour to another thing. There is and must be a change, the way u look last year, is probably not the way u are this year, but it is important for us to know the kind of change we involves ourselves. For a black lady to turn to white all of a sudden. U will enjoy it now, but time shall come when u will regret it. We must not change our real colour in the name if transformation please ladies.

  11. She herself should compare and contrast. Taking a close look at her pics., I’ll go for the 2010 pic., God who coloured us dark or light skinned is not foolish I believe. She’ll come to realise her mistake when she gets older. Been black is not a taboo. Black is beautiful.

  12. The person that put this pic here is a joker. This pic is fr two different people. Just before u start insulting someone. Look at this pic very closely an u will see that is fr two different people. By looking at the face u will see that the eyes an the nose is fr two different people. So don’t be a fool by somethings u see on Facebook. Becos the person that put this pic here will be there laughing at all these comments.


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