Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Adorable Photos of Adebola, The Physically Challenged Son of Former Ogun Sate...

Adorable Photos of Adebola, The Physically Challenged Son of Former Ogun Sate Governor, Gbenga Daniel and His Boo…


Adebola Daniel and his boo are having a whirlwind romance.

The physically son of the erstwhile governor of Ogun State, Gbenga Daniel shared photos of himself and his boo…

Love is beautiful!!!



  1. A man asked his wife,”Are you sure u don’t love me because of the landed property,money and cash that my late father left for me?”.His wife replied,”I would still love you regardless of who left all the assets and cash”.

  2. When money dey… Friends go dey when money no dey friends will go… Because of money some girls will be like.. Wow.. I love wheel chair..

  3. When you have money, girls will put up with you no matter your condition.. I really hope the love is true

  4. When there is money bullshit work,why the girl no go love the guy,I pray the love should be real.

  5. All I see here with my physical eye is love coz of money….. But if actually the gal loves the guy kudos to her…… But on a sincere note ,it’s way difficult to find this kind of relationship between a poor physically challenged individual Just my thought

  6. Now I know why d cutie lady is given him adorable push up… If u re following n read u ll understand me. But bae hope u ain’t cheating on him?

  7. Let it be for real because girls if nowadays re just looking for stable financial men and they won’t boarder about love

  8. Chaiit mouth go tolk ., Gals no go kill me oo ok nwn watin she d think self? Chaiit, an enemy most post dis jost 2 ex-post her. 2 de public.

  9. Assuming there z no money dem no go wait,dat z why timaya sang money….wen moni no dey people no dey come around wen moni no dey people dey use me dey play

  10. I just can’t understand how some people think. What makes you people think the girl is after his money? Is the guy not handsome enough for any good looking lady to fall in love with? Or does being on wheelchair makes him a lesser person? You know what, you people are very poor which is the reason you think like that.

    • In fact na baby friendly your mama do for you complete 6 months , the breast milk still De work for your brain . Tell them all these poor Nigerians wen De think say money na every thing. For crying out loud this guy is cute May be also well behave and the girl does not look hungry her self . Rubbish low thinkers

  11. If all of you think is that esay y not go and try and be in her shoe’s than to stay here and comments like fools when you don’t even no her pains and what she is passing through is the any of you that dosen like money abeg let me hear

  12. Your just busy taking drugs in someone else pains you all should go marry your own with 2legs and let the poor girl be jobless fools

  13. They are so adorable and cute as well. Lovely photos and lovely couples. The dudd sef is handsome

  14. Those of u saying is because of money, are you saying rich people aren’t suppose to be in love or a lady shouldn’t fall in love with a rich man. Pls stop thinking low and grow up.

  15. I have always been of the view that most persons that talks about gold digging are usually the very broke and poor ones….For crying out loud, both of them are young and lovely to behold and all you could see was a beautiful girl being with a crippled guy because of money??? Really Dumb shaa. Let me tell you guys, without that guy being the ex Governor’s son, he can find true love in the arms of a million girls. Poor horrible disabled persons finds love, not talk of this cute dude. You think everyone finds love cos of the physical attraction?, sorry a time comes when something beyond the physical keeps you glued to a person. Poverty don really make people dey beef anyhow

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  17. Those of u saying dat d girl is not after money,assuming this guy is poor and on a wheelchair are u trying to tell me dat she will still be in love wit him????I doubt sha,money rules d lives of modern ladies.

  18. All of you saying na because of money, the girl doesn’t look wretched now, she must be from d same class

  19. walahi i doubt wat u people are saying. For dis country country ehn ! if na monkey get money, nahim fine pass for their eye

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  21. Even the ones that don’t have a penny people still love them ,so what is wrong with she loving him?


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