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“I Have Actually Been Scolded That I Can Never Be A Successful Accountant”- Governor Akinwunmi Ambode



"I Have Actually Been Scolded That I Can Never Be A Successful Accountant"- Governor Akinwunmi AmbodeGovernor Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos State, who was a former Accountant General and Auditor General of Lagos State before he became the state governor, revealed that he was once scolded that he could never be a successful Accountant.

In a recent interview with City People, he detailed his educational struggles, saying:

I have a philosophical outlook to what I am today I am the son of a teacher, a disciplinarian. And my mum, a complete housewife, and seamstress. But she was also an Entrepreneur. So obviously for me, I have had youthful encounters in instances where, I have actually been scolded that I can never be a successful Accountant.

 So, that resonated with me and it has, stayed with me since. When I was age 12 or 13, I promised myself that whatever level it will take to attain the pinnacle of the Accountancy profession, I will do it for myself. I also never wanted to go through the route of living an unworthy life. Those were the 2 things that were always pushing me. And then I lost my father at the age of 18 and my mother was a housewife. So obviously within the context of my beliefs and my age, I needed to do something crazy and extraordinary.

 So, I decided to go on doing all the available courses. So at the same time, I was in the University, I was doing professional exams, I was working. I was a multi-tasker at the age of 20. I graduated at the age of 21. By 24, I had my Masters degree, ICAN qualification.

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