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Actress Mimi Orjiekwe reacts to reports that she is pregnant for a Warri-based billionaire



Actress Mimi Orjiekwe reacts to reports that she is pregnant for a Warri-based billionaireReports were rife on social media yesterday May 23rd with claims that actress and mum of one, Mimi Orjiekwe, was expecting a child for a Warri-based billionaire, Michael Ikuku.

The reports claimed that MImi whose marriage to actor Charles Billion packed up last year after finding out he had another family in the US, had been seeing the Billionaire and was living in one of his apartments in Banana Island Lagos.

Well, Mimi has now reacted to the report.

See what she wrote on her Instastories below

Few weeks ago, the actress threw shade at her estranged husband and fellow actor, Charles Billion in her latest post on Instagram.

Charles who recently did an ad campaign for a certain brand of condom, has three children from three different women.

He had one with a police officer while he was dating Mimi, had a daughter Jasmine with Mimi when they were married and impregnated an American lady while he was still married to Mimi.

Mimi actually found out about the American woman here on LIB. In her new post, Mimi threw jabs at him for doing a condom campaign after fathering three different children from three different women.

She wrote;

So I was jus reading a script that got me thinking … what makes some men sooo ?irresponsible … I ve thought soo much and I don’t just understand .is it Upbringing or family orientation or showbiz or infact it’s crazy .. how can u ve babies with 3 diff women .. u don’t and cannot pay bills for any of your child cos ur broke round the clock and u still go on to impregnate another .. is it a cause from the devil himself .. so now u ve diff children growin in d hands of diff women u don’t even make an attempt to assist or co parent ..this women re struggling to keep up and fight for there child’s best .. and u ve d gut to do a condom advert ..hell will even reject you ? ..goodpart is the table turns around and Favour’s d women like me .. ???? the joy of becoming a parent is unmeasurable I wonder why some parents choose to be a Judas .. God help u..Ladies beware of such halfdozen typo men #findadozenfull# ?


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