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Actress Omotola Jalade Calls Out Mark Zuckerberg For Not Meeting Her Despite Having The Most Likes on Facebook



Nollywood actress, Omotola Jalade is mad at Mark Zuckerberg for not visiting her in Nigeria despite having the most likes on Facebook.

Omotola who is the first Nigerian celeb to hit one million likes on FB wrote, “That weird moment Zuckerberg visits Nigeria and meets with Everyone but the ones with the highest Ff on his platform #welcomeZuck or #goodbyezuck ? #jealousmuch ? #welovehimthough ?#controversialpost and #heworeasuit #facebook”


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  1. See that #idiot…. Who u be. if u like u get 1billion likes for fb, who u epp? Nansense woman….. Make she meet u? Wetin u be. How mucb u don make sef….. All those fake life wey una dey live

  2. Rubbish , I can’t believe this Is she the president of Nigeria? Her colleagues went to him but she was expecting him to come to her..lol Queen of Nigeria right?

  3. Mark is oyibo, He doesn’t like big ikebe like Dangote does, so madam park well and marry ur husband, stop seeking attention from other people’s hubby,most importantly He doesn’t even know that someone like you exist because Most Nigerian celebrities are not value or known in entire world, that simply means that ur Backyard celeb

  4. some nigerians thinks that wealth is a gateway or password to make noise anyhow, she needs to acquire humility

  5. She dy mad. Na pride dy worry her. She no fit trek go meet am 4 wer hm dy wit oda celebs? Blackwuman wit blacksense. Meettcheeww

  6. See story ooo, u are not serious. Na u send am come nigga before abi na money dey cash u. I sorry for u.

  7. @Omotola Jalade..Dis madam ur own too much.. Who You Epp? You don Baff? Who you Serve? We nigerians self never notice you na oyibo chai… If u get 2billion likes e no mean say dat man recognize u na 4ur own pocket.. U dis celeb u pple can package i swr.. Let me give u some Advise… Be Real.. Be Humble.. Stop forming.. Face Ur Family… Be A Good wife.. Remove Ur Eyes From Anything Social Media…. Focus On Ur Business… And DON’T EVER CHEAT ON UR HUSBAND OKBYE…

  8. Why will He meet u just because dangote spoke to your son on phone means oyinbo man should bow to u because dey are deceiving you dat u are sexy a lot of ppl are more sexy Dan u so get over urself fake ppl living fake life can u even act ni just dose acting u doing u think u can act abeg go sleep wen u marry rich man why wont u be running your mouth

    • Easy for Wat is she more than any of you we all the same celebrity or not so no one should get special treatment for Wat reason @agwo beef for Wetin who she epp she no even epp u

    • Abi o even we Nigerians how many of our celebrity have we seen in reality most of dem you will follow dem on twitter dey won’t follow back and we no shout now she is complaining dat mark no see her mark never meet highest oyinbo facebook user it’s now Nigerian own he will be looking for he came for better things not going around greeting ppl d man is all about d money

    • If economy recession catch her she won’t see mark self talk less of saying it she should be grateful dat God bless her to marry a rich man how many ppl even know facebook talk less of mark wen dey never eat

    • I tire o.. Get a life girl cos that woman has done no wrong to you. And note that she’s married with lovely kids and doing very well for herself. Be positive bae

    • If she is married nko imagine o no one is beefing her or is she feeding u ni it’s my opinion so say urs and not try to show us how much u sucking up to her she no feed me so I can say my opinion on any matter if u are not so comfortable don’t bother commenting or just pass by or make ur own opinion

    • I will still have the same response if it’s anyone celebrity or not she is just an everyday person just because she is a celebrity dose not warrant special treatment I will give my take no matter d person involve I don’t suck up to anyone either celebrity or not everyone is d same to me

    • She is doing well for herself only it has no positive changes to my own life we are only talking on d subject matter if we say an opinion u don’t like Dosent mean she offences us Dats why am a big fan of her acting and it doesn’t mean I can’t have other opinion on her wen required

    • So d one dat needs to get a life is u and stop sucking up to other ppl achievement Dats d reality she knows none of us either against or in support she no epp us at all

  9. Does your likes on Facebook brings in more money for him?if not…no need for this update.

  10. na wa u ooo OMO sexy,,, u dey xpect d guy make him cummeet u, on top wetin na… shuuuu, becos of likes com 2fink of t sef no b we wey b nigeriaz dash u d likes…. pls b real n stp shit…Even mark sef no dey carry patrol arnd buh u jas 2 shoot one kind small film u go carry twelve disciples abeg go sit dwn… oda celeb wey go meet am shey u beta pass dem….. No jas PROVOKE us..

  11. Why she nor go meet am for were he dey ,nor person from Abuja take night bus go meet am for lagos

  12. pple should confirm before commenting,how r they sure she said so,bloggers do post anything jus to hear pple talk….BE WISE NIGERIANS,DON’T LET BLOGGERS USE YOUR BRAIN

  13. Is it because Mark is younger than you or what ? Everyone deserves some respect. So, what you vexing for, to me, it’s a very selfish and stupid reason. Other celebs are people like you. So, the shame is still on you. Mark has some other important things to do with his time. Go and sleep jooor….

  14. Omotola what is ur problem, What else do you still want? Y not go nd meet him where he is? Pls keep ur pride to urself to avoid insults on social media.

  15. He didn’t come to Nigeria to meet celeb’s with many followers, he came to meet ppl with analytical thinkers.

  16. Angel Ehinomen, how many Europeans,Arabians,Asians or Americans watch Nigeria music or movies? Go and get common sense from oga Ben Bruce

  17. She is already like a household name and shouldn’t be bothered by all these. What happens to all those that liked you who you haven’t cared to meet? Let’s not be selfish here. Just like a musician calling a street guy who buys his music and help make him rich, poor. Meeting her will be akin to taking from jagaban and giving to Adenuga. Not nice naw!!!

  18. That is Nigerian mentality for you. Dear his thinking is quite different from yours. He doesn’t have time for BS… Stay in your little make believe world in Nigeria where people who don’t know better think you are what you think you are.

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  20. Did u hear her saying it on television? Or is it this internet Pple that saying it, just blc thy did not see her around him….nah questions I ask oh…..

  21. You have so much forgotten that you are a mother, a wife and also old… Mack no cum see you and you cum dey vex ….see you say you na who Abeg or see you for what… One night stand or what? Madam respect yourself, your husband and your children ok…

  22. Y must he come n meet u even the president meat him or is it coz u were fortunate to meet with Obama’s wife. U r full of pride abege

  23. who this one help? if u are not on fb it will not change anything. wat if he did not cum to Nigeria will u say diz nonsense. na u pay e flight ticket?

  24. many pips wen comment 4 here nor get brains hw can u stop pouring abuses on sumone on some baseless stories posted by sum stupid bloggers. who among all of u here condemning her can b bold enough to say dey heard it directly frm her mouth. pls nija make unna upgrade small. ona thinking faculty too shallow abeg biko

  25. U jst open dat gutter u called mouth & let rubbish come out from it who is talking abt her acting here or shud i say u re jst being jealous for nothing if u vex go & hug transformer she is omo sexy & her role in de movie is so loving thousands of u can’t stop her, ur words means nothing to her so u beta use ur data for sumtin else @ Adeola Adeoye

  26. Come to think of it, this woman was enjoying her beautiful self with her lovely family abroad the the CEO of facebook came. Did she actually say that??? I don’t think so.


  28. y would omo sexy said dat ,wen she has everything she wants….u guys are here running insult on her wen u ain’t sure of it.

  29. sister omotola u dey vex say him no come give you chop for house abi as you know say him dey come why don’t you go out and find him instead of sitting at home waiting for him to come shay na ur husband him be

  30. Little wonders why she is called omo sexy !! Like somebori is feeling horny !!!!! Looking for a younger yummy noooo not now not dis small boy grandma pls look for Ur age ok ??

  31. Maybe omotola think that mark is like dangote who likes every women he comes across with, white man has no time to fool around, get it into your empty brain.

  32. Hahaha and people decided to pour their frustrations on a successful woman who doesn’t even know they exist?


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