Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Actress Mercy Johnson Expecting Baby Number 4

Actress Mercy Johnson Expecting Baby Number 4



Nollywood actress, Mercy in a recent interview with Punch talked about keeping a busy career, baby No 4 and having a great family life.

On how she planned her life before she became famous, Mercy replied,

“I feel that when you haven’t gone through life and you don’t have a bearing in life, that’s when you see certain decisions as unreasonable. Most of these people who make these statements have not even realised what they want to do with their lives yet.

I had planned my life right from when I was growing up. I arranged my life the way I wanted it to go. And that is why even when I was at the peak of my career and marriage came, I grabbed it because I know age keeps going and time waits for no one.

It means that I can have all of my four kids and then still get back to shape and come back to what I love to do. So I am not going to say things like, ‘I don’t want to have kids yet’ or ‘I am not going to get married and I want to keep acting because the young shall always grow’, you are not going to be number one forever. That is why when it is time for you to do something, you do it. Yoruba will always say in their prayers that when the time for a child to talk has come, by the grace of God, she will talk. When it’s time to go to school, he will go to school. That’s what I’m trying to do. I want to define my life in a way my daughter will want to define her own life.”

Speaking about her career and family,

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“I think what has got me this far is placing my decisions on a scale of preference. I love what I do, I adore my husband, I adore my kids, so every time I have to make a decision, I pick which is more important, and I start from there. I understand the home front is more important so I manage my home and create time to do what I have to do. I think that has helped me get this far.”

On how soon fans should expect the fourth baby, Mercy replied sarcastically, “‘Coming soon’- like they say in the Nigerian movie industry”

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  1. Bloggers live mercy Jonhson alone ,even she give birth to million is her choice, she is not begging you peoples food to feed them,why MJ is the topics of the day??

  2. If someone has 5 or 10 kids in her husband house I believe is no body business, certainly if u are married u are entitled to birth as many as u want, I always get pissed up when people see u pregnant or trying to have babies is not ur fucking business, MJ and her husband deserve to be together and have as many children they want, u guys should stop judging people on how to get their children, u guys don’t know which of the children will be greater or become the good president of our country, yall need to stop this act.

  3. Safe delivery MJ I luv ur so much pls carry on God is on ur side nd may he not leave u at anytime

  4. I love you Mercy J! Pls name the 4th after me, in fact you can born for Africa don’t mind haters

  5. Continue Jare Mercy,ur Head Dey Gidigba,4kids In 4yrs.U Get Mouth Die,very Soon Comedian Go Take U Crack Jokes.Lol

    • Re u trying to sayu ve never made a single mistake on spellings b4 nw? $y didn’t u write it correctly “haters “dan repeat me,it means u also dunno right?come on big up #no one is above mistake

  6. @precillia i don’t no what their problem is oh my dear, she is equal to the tax na. money dey if she want make she born full house is a free gift from God.


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