Entertainment News According To Reports, Beyoncé and Jay-Z Are Expecting Second Child Via Surrogate!

According To Reports, Beyoncé and Jay-Z Are Expecting Second Child Via Surrogate!


Beyonce and Jay Z have reportedly sought the help of a surrogate for their second child, a new report by In-Touch Weekly claims.

Via Hollywood Life

It has been three years since they welcomed their daughter, Blue Ivy, and the music power couple have been hoping to expand their small family for a while now, a source told the outlet.

However, Beyonce has reportedly been having trouble conceiving and carrying a baby to term so the pair have decided to go with surrogacy.

An insider close to Beyonce and Jay Z told In Touch that they “are in the process of having a baby through a surrogate.”

“They were trying for several months, but Beyoncé was having trouble. She was scared about another high-risk pregnancy, so surrogacy became the best decision for them,” the source continued.

Beyonce has previously opened up about her miscarriage and reportedly doesn’t want to go through one again.

“They didn’t want to take any more risks, so after all the ironclad legal documents were drawn up, it took them about two months to find the perfect woman to carry their child. The surrogate is still in the early stages of the pregnancy, so they have yet to announce it to the public,” the insider claimed.

The source went on to claim that Beyonce and her music mogul husband have been experiencing some marriage troubles and are hoping that a second baby will help repair their relationship.

“Jay’s been pushing Beyoncé into having another baby to bring them closer together. But he’s also been very protective of her and didn’t want her to take any chances. He wants to make sure everything goes smoothly,” the insider told In Touch (via Hollywood Life).

However, Beyonce and Jay Z have yet to respond when asked for comment.



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