News Abuja Missing Trio Have Been Found….

Abuja Missing Trio Have Been Found….


It has now been confirmed that missing ladies, Veronica Otogo, Bisola Mohammed, and gentleman, Damilola Oribuyaku have been found.

Damilola’s sister just tweeted this:



  1. Waoh!!..Thanks be to God!!..I also hail Gistreel for taking an interest in this story and updating us with the latest?

  2. woooooooooow! I know that God in heaven will do it for them. Just forget about the ransome

  3. Am so happy hope dey re out of danger oo I mean hope dey re safe nd sound thank God for dem shah

  4. Before you jubilate,let us pray that this miracle should be not be an incomplete one ooo because the chat btw. one of their relation and a friend went like this: “How true is this?” Reply: “Her phone just rang…”

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  6. Like i said the first time i trust my nigeria police gist i noticed something your post about relationships and all gets more like and comment than real stories lolz some people are so bad minded.


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