Editorials Top 5's How an abortion affects a woman’s life

How an abortion affects a woman’s life


Abortion is the ending of pregnancy by removing a fetus or embryo before it can survive outside the uterus. An abortion which occurs spontaneously is also known as a miscarriage.

Opinions are already already divided into two, those, who are in favour of abortions, and against them. However, it’s not surprisingly, because not everyone can bring oneself to this step.

Also, not everyone sees the right to judge somebody’s decision.

Whether it’s good or bad, but every woman can individually make a decision – to give a birth to a child or not.

Yet, a practising psychotherapist Tatiana Ohneva-Salvoni explained how actually an abortion can affect a woman’s life after, because obviously, such operation will leave its mark.

1. Influence on couple relationships

Even if a decision about making an abortion is mutual, it doesn’t mean that a couple will absolutely forget about it and live happily ever after.

The fact that they turned out to be unprepared to create a family, already shows that there are some problems which this couple can’t overcome. The trust is harmed, as well as the confidence in the future.

There’s even a special term in psychology that after the abortion a woman “aborts” her partner from her heart too.

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  1. He who commits abortion have shaded innocent blood, so when they are saying bokoharam your among

  2. All de woman will say Jesus. as if dere had not done it before? Guys would say God fbid ask if dere had not tell der babes to go f it.abeg u guys hv to ask God f fgivensess ok

    • Not every woman has done abortion pls,watch your words, everybody are the same. The fact you av aborted before doesn’t mean every other person has done it too

  3. Abortion can sometimes save a woman life from pregnancy complications but should neccesarily not be an abused medical procedure as it is being done in this part of the world!

  4. Abortion has many effect on women: 1.it damages womb.2.it can kill.3.the cry of little children wil be on u head. 4.those guys dat made u to abort it wil leave u go n look for chalachal ladies which dey think are innocent or descent, so be careful ladies abortion is not suya meat or pepe suop dat u can take at anytime.but if i may ask what ar they aborting? a bless child,it is a sacrilage 2. a murder. may God have mercy on everyone of us, Amen. remain bless ladies.

  5. No matter the consequence of getting an unwanted pregnancy girls should not engage in abortion

  6. Aborting someone that the Almighty God could have used to have mercy with you and me in great nation is really not a decision from the abortee, so take note.

  7. Abortion affect woman life in many ways 1.it can kill.2. It can damaged the worm, and can cause barrenness to the victims. So ladies be careful on the type of Boys you go out with. Bcos some of them don’t have future.