News Aborted baby found in Madonna University girls’ hostel

Aborted baby found in Madonna University girls’ hostel


14714637_142879949516274_7091582963858538496_nAccording to the news outlet, an aborted foetus was, on Tuesday, found in Mother of Jesus The Saviour hostel (girls’ hostel) at the Elele campus of the Madonna University owned by the Catholic.

So sad… Makes one wonder what happened to morals and value…

Source :- – Thebugcampus


  1. Compassion will cure more sins than condemnation beause God always hold us together no matter what. The culprit May get married tomorrow and give birth to dozen while pure Virginia’s remain barren.let’s live the matter to God.His such a powerful merciful God.we cannot fathom his love for mankind.I got goosebumps seeing the innocent child but yet I got zero percent power to pass judgement and my prayer is let God mercy speak both for the seen and unseen abortions committed by every woman in the whole world even the men responsible for those pregnancies, Let mercy speak, for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.moreso all sins are equal before God.Don’t see yourself as a saint and condemn.

  2. Dat person is watching it online now,watch,wen you are doing it it was sweeting you now, you don catch am, and abort it it is not good coz de Baby might fight back to you in life.

  3. ladies ar to wicked just imagine the nonsence wat if the grl is the chld shoe would she av liked it


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