General Abia Man Beheads And Dumps Woman’s Head In a River To ‘Remain...

Abia Man Beheads And Dumps Woman’s Head In a River To ‘Remain A Normal Person’



20-year-old Emmanuel Effiong is currently in custody of the Abia State Police Command for beheading a lifeless body and also threatening to kidnap his former employer.

According to Punch, Effiong alleges that he was advised by a ‘mad woman’ he gave alms to, to dump a human head or skull into a river, else he would go mad. Desperate to retain his abilities, the 20-year-old beheaded a lifeless body he found at the Aba Park and then proceeded to dump the head into the Aba River.

Not longer after, same Effiong began threatening to kill his former boss, Ikechukwu Udogu, if he wasn’t given N15million. He was however busted after the Abia police traced a text sent to his former employer to him. While in police custody, he confessed his other crime; the beheading of a lifeless body.


Effiong said:

I gave a mad woman money one day in Aba and she told me to look for a skull or human head and throw inside a river or I will go mad. One morning, when I saw a lifeless body in front of the park, I decided to cut off the dead woman’s head for the exercise. I threw the head into the Aba River to remain a normal person.”

On threatening his former boss, he said:

“I served Mr. Udogu for many years as his gateman, but he stopped paying my salary since September 2009. So, I decided to send him the threat message to get my money from him.

Speaking with newsmen yesterday, the Commissioner of Police in the state, Mr. Adeleye Oyabade, noted that the headless body was found in the park on September 29, 2016. The police had no clue who committed the crime until Effiong, arrested for a different crime, confessed to being the mind behind the desecrated body.

Oyebade added that three knives and a phone were found in Effiong’s custody. Effiong remains in police jail as investigations into his activities continue.