General A Slanderous Article Written By American Newspaper About Nigeria

A Slanderous Article Written By American Newspaper About Nigeria


Weeks after a US Senator insulted Nigerians in a bid to mock Obamacare website glitch, another piece has been written, this time by journalist Ann Coulter. In an article titled, ‘to speak to a Nigerian Prince about your healthcare, press ‘1’ now’, Ann basically says criminals are running the Obamacare website and most of them Nigerians. Her article is quite offensive…excerpts below…

    Nigeria, for example, leads the world in criminal enterprises. Every level of Nigerian society is criminal, with the smart ones running Internet scams, the mid-range ones running car theft rings, and the stupid ones engaging in piracy and kidnapping. At the University of Lagos, you can major in credit card fraud.

    There were almost no Nigerians in the United States until the 1970s. Today, there are nearly 250,000 Nigerians in the U.S. (committing the cyber-crime Americans just won’t do!). In 2011, we took in more immigrants from Nigeria than from the United Kingdom (9,246 from the U.K. and 9,344 from Nigeria).



  1. That woman is very very stupid! Its unfortunate dt people dt knw notin abt our country r d ones dt hav a lot 2 say….dt woman dey crase…I swear! Is it our fault dt Americans r so gullible dt dey can’t recognise fraud?

  2. Na God go punish this woman…..every black criminal is labelled “Nigerian”. Its not her fault. How dare her say “every level of the Nigerian society is criminal”? Is America any better. She forgets that there are countless successful Nigerians here in Nigeria even there in the states. Msheeew. Na she get her mouth sha.

  3. We may be a country with criminals, agreed. But he whose country is without sin, let them cast the first stone. A country with a history of serial killers hitting out on Nigeria……I laugh in french…..

  4. You have freedom of speech, but freedom after speech, that I can’t guarantee, hmm miss Ann mind what bogus stories you cook up


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